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Winter gear you need to stock up on with La Niña ushering in a bloody cold winter

If metrological reports are to be believed, winter truly is coming courtesy of the La Niña weather patterns. Hence, it’s crucial that you invest in warm, winter gear to face the cold.

winter gear
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The House Stark knew what they were talking about when they chose ”Winter is Coming” as their motto. As the Lords of the North, they know that winter always hits their lands the hardest. The same holds true for the Northern part of our country, as the news of La Niña, an oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon that is the colder counterpart of El Niño, hits India. It’s time to get equipped for a cold, shivering winter and pack layers, because oh boy, is it about to get cold.

As the cold winds from the Pacific usher in a dramatic change in weather, it’s important to not just stock up on thick jackets and boots but understand how to layer correctly. Winter layering is a feat that is mastered perfectly by those living in cooler climes and ensures that you don’t let the chilly wind in and don’t also overheat your body. Take note in order to upgrade your wardrobe.

You’ll be surprised to learn there is an ample amount of science that goes into determining outfits for extreme cold weather in relation to materials and styles. As North India braces itself for the same it’s important to keep these in mind to avoid having a frigid outdoor experience.

Gear essentials you need to brave winter 2021

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is layering. While you might assume it’s the most obvious route to winter dressing, there is a process to it and has to be done with minimum of three layers.

Starting with a base layer that should ideally be a moisture absorbing material like a dry-fit t-shirt or a thermal vest. This layer absorbs sweat and moisture ensuring you stay dry and warm.

One of my favourite and most trusted choice for this layer are the Uniqlo HEATTECH thermals that are ultra-thin (unlike traditional thermals) and ensure that you lose an extra heavy layer in the process.

winter gear
Uniqlo HEATTECH T-shirt

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Another great choice for thermals are the ol faithfuls from Marks & Spencers. It’s equally important to keep your legs warm in times of extreme cold and the M&S Thermal Pointelle Leggings do exactly that.

winter gear
Image: Courtesy Marks & Spencer

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The next or the middle layer is the main one that keeps you warm. Sweaters, sweatshirts, velvet and fleece tops are what determine this layer. Snug and comfortable, it’s the insulating layer that you keep on no matter what the temperature variations.

If you’re looking for a simple yet chic style turn to Ted Baker’s striped navy blue sweater with a structured stripe design to give you a more lean silhouette despite the layers.

Image: Courtesy Ted Baker at The Collective

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Fleece-lined jackets and sweatshirts are a saviour in case of a cold wave. They provide immense warmth and is ideal for those who feel itchy with real wool. Our pick is this adorable sweatshirt from Ralph Lauren with their signature teddy on it.

winter gear
Image: Courtesy Darveys

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Now the last or the outermost layer is your jackets and coats — a winter essential that’s a must for lower degree temperatures. It’s this layer that blocks out the chilly winds and unexpected rainfall. From puffer jackets to tweed coats, this removable layer is a must-have for the winter gear option. It’s also the layer you can have the most fun with, which is why we are leaning towards Onitsuka Tiger’s capsule collection, The Darjeeling Flowers in collaboration with graphic label, nowartt. The puffer jacket with vivid prints is sure to keep you snug and stylish.

Image: Courtesy Onitsuka Tiger

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Another great puffer that mixes style with substance is this Alexandre Vauthier Metallic Quilted Jacket in silver chrome with a filling of goose feathers. We’ve spotted GenZ star Jahnvi Kapoor in a similar style and let’s face it this quilted jacket is a show stopper.

Image: Courtesy Le Mill

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Once you’ve gotten your basic layers right it’s time to move on to the next step aka accessories. In winters accessories aren’t merely for show but ensure your little parts stay warm. Hats, gloves, scarves and socks are all crucial to staying worn in bitingly cold winter. Wrap around a cashmere scarf or knot it around your head, it’s like experiencing a warm hug on a cold day. Coach’s signature logo in a reversible cashmere scarf with a fringe is our go-to for an outfit update.

Image: Courtesy Tata CLIQ Luxury

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Keeping your tips warm is essential in low degree temperatures. Hence investing in a pair of Hermes gloves is both a fashionable and practical choice. Crafted in glazed lambskin with a circular design at the knuckles.

Image Courtesy: Hermès

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Hero Image: Courtesy Shutterstock; Featured Image: Courtesy Onitsuka Tiger

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