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Your ultimate guide to bras for tricky summer dresses

Do you fancy tricky, strappy dresses but require a bra or some sort of coverage to feel comfortable? We got you! Of course, we can wear those asymmetrical dresses and tops with all the slits and ties and not worry about busting out of them with the right bra. Have your eye on a few dresses and tops for your next vacation? Just be sure to pair it with one of these bras for your tricky dresses.

Bra solutions for every kind of hard-to-wear dress

From backless bras to sticky bras to strapless bras, we’ve listed some practical, functional undergarments to wear under each tricky dress. When your bralette just won’t do, try one of these instead.

For a dress with cutouts or low-back

Image: Courtesy Misha

Try sticky nipple covers and lifting tape for a dress with cutouts. When working with less fabric and exposing more skin, shape the lifting tape into a smaller version. Bras are nearly hard to wear with dresses that have a low back and several slits, holes, cuts, and straps, but sticky nipple covers and lifting tape that you can trim down to match the design of your dress are game-changers.

For an asymmetrical or a one shoulder dress

Image: Courtesy Dash and Dot

Try a convertible or adjustable strapless bra with an asymmetrical or one-shoulder dress. Whether the back of the dress is asymmetrical or one shoulder, a bra that can adapt and hide is important. Some convertible bras feature extra elastic bands, while others provide a choice of shoulder straps. In any case, be sure that all of the straps and bands are adjustable and detachable so that you may customise your bra precisely as you want it at the time.

For a low-back or backless dress

Image: Courtesy Free People

A sticky bra is ideal for a low-back or backless dress. When you can’t have a band in the back, backless adhesive bras that connect in the middle work especially well to provide coverage and a little lift.  If you want cleavage and have a dress with a lower neckline, try for a lace-up version that allows you to adjust the drawstring in between the cups to push ’em together.

For a racerback or sleeveless dress

Image: Courtesy Noam

Try a racerback bra or a T-back bra with a racerback or sleeveless dress. A racerback or T-back bra is the ideal solution as long as there is enough material on the back of the garment to conceal the straps. You don’t have one? You don’t have to buy an entirely new bra to match your sleeveless outfit. Converters assist squeeze your bra straps together in the back while also providing a little more lift.

For a strappy dress

bras for tricky dresses
Image: Courtesy Anna Nata

Try a strapless bra, bustier, or bodysuit with a strappy dress. If you don’t want your straps to show, a strapless bra should be your pick, but if you’re larger than a C-cup, consider a bodysuit. These full-body bras for strapless dresses will keep the band from slipping down and provide the type of support often found only in a bra with straps—essential if you’re going to be wearing it all day. A bustier with boning and silicone, on the other hand, keeps it in place.

Featured Image: Courtesy Instagram/ezgifindik; Hero Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

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