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Circle of life: Zegna’s OASI Cashmere will be fully traceable by 2024

By 2024, Zegna looks to make their OASI Cashmere 100% traceable, focusing on accountability and ethics in luxury craftsmanship.

Zegna, very identity is based on a fearless vision and pursuit of innovation and fostering material excellence. They’ve always been a luxury title that strives to surpass the conventionality of just being a menswear brand, and more, a house of sustainable beauty for men. Today, they bring forth OASI Cashmere – A fabric and quality that lives and breathes the philosophies of OASI Zegna. Born in OASI Zegna, this newly combed cashmere is based on its motherland’s beautiful values of being both, excellent to the eye and to touch. Every road and every path, at Zegna, starts from and brings to, Oasi Zegna which was envisioned by the founder as a vision that stays. The same all-encompassing ethos, now, is embodied in the Oasi Cashmere collection. It’s this very emotion that gives the fabric its tactile materiality and vibrancy.

Zegna OASI Cashmere: Fully traceable by 2024

zegna oasi cashmere

Right since 1910, Zegna has showcased a responsibility towards the territory and community, the OASI is a materialization of that, which focuses not only on sustainability but also to provide the highest industrial quality. With the new Cashmere being a central development on their Road to Traceability, Zegna commits that the fibers used in this collection will be fully traceable by 2024.

zegna oasi cashmere

Oasi Cashmere is a central development on Our Road to Traceability, as we commit that cashmere fibre used in the whole collection will be fully certified traceable by 2024. They believe that the best garments come from the best natural resources, which too require care. We also see this in the brand’s vertically integrated business model, which is responsible and accountable, from start to finish. And the fact that each piece of Zegna clothing bears a QR code which allows one to access the product’s life cycle is proof of that. Right from the cashmere farm to the wardrobe of a customer, all noted. 

The humanistic values that inform Oasi Zegna – giving back and caring for nature as a way to preserve the well-being of future generations and to create harmony between humankind and the environment – stay within and inspire the Oasi Cashmere collection.  

All Images: Courtesy Zegna

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Circle of life: Zegna’s OASI Cashmere will be fully traceable by 2024

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