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It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has updated the fashion trends wheel in an unprecedented way. It is all about keeping it safe while ensuring that one does not compromise on style. Labels, big and small, the world over have rolled out their rendition of safety masks, and while they tend to become an inseparable part of everyone’s updated wardrobe, so have the quirky chains that hold these masks. Welcome the face mask chains, the hautest accessories to invest in.

Image Courtesy: Pretty Connected Shop
Image Courtesy: Pretty Connected Shop

Face mask chains: can you even say you’re doing quarantine fashion right if you aren’t sporting one?

Jokes aside, the rise of the mask chain is an example of where fashion has kind of followed function. Picture this: you’re heading out to meet the gals or the bros for dinner, and you’re wearing your mask as you should. You get to the restaurant, and because small groups are allowed to sit together, you take off your mask to eat and vibe. But before you bring out the champers, rewind a little and think about this: where do you put your mask?


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Where you put your mask during its downtime is actually quite a vital thing to think about. If you place it onto a contaminated surface, you run the risk of picking up bacteria — or worse, a dreaded virus. Indian brand Tann-ed known for its exquisitely crafted leather accessories is also rolling out some chains for face masks. Their renditions are made in leather, metal, and ceramics; think thick chains attached to your face masks elevating your day look.


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Always looking for your mask? Try using a Lucky Duck Leashes face mask leash! . Pearls and gold chains are a classic pairing. Add splash of emerald green, and you have a timeless color palette. Both beaded sections consist of alternating pearl and gold, and is topped off with a vintage emerald green and gold bead. A bold gold chain is used to connect the beaded sections. The leash is finished with two gold lobster claw clasps. The lobster claws hook securely on to your over-the-ear face mask, allowing your face mask to be ready and accessible at all times. Total Length: 32.5 inches. . ***Mask is not included*** . . Leash will be marked SOLD, if it is not available. . . Check out my Etsy store for more leash options!

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Thereby, a safe mask storage box or bag is a good thing to carry with you. Or — lightbulb moment — a mask chain or strap to safely let your mask dangle from your neck when not in use. Genius.

Often merely recycled from glasses or sunglass chains, we’re really loving the rising mask chain trend of the minute. Here, we’ve put together a few spots where you can easily order them online. If you’re one for trends and always want to be ahead of them, here’s your calling. See you (safely and securely) out there.

The story was first published on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok