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Going eco-friendly? Consider lab-grown diamonds by these Indian jewellers

The crème de la crème in the universe of embellishments is undoubtedly diamonds. A prized possession, diamond jewellery is accustomed to being passed on from generation to generation as a coveted heirloom. But sustainability being the need of the hour, issues of excessive mining, unethical labour practices, land disturbance, carbon emissions, and other environmental damages have surrounded the procurement of this stone in its natural form. Enter lab-grown diamonds, and the brands championing this in India.

Much like sustainable substitutes have come into the spotlight in clothing, beauty, lifestyle, and auto, lab-grown diamonds in India are making their presence felt in the domain of jewellery. As the term suggests, these diamonds are man-made, and thanks to advanced technology, share the same properties as their mined counterparts. They are, at the same time, hardier and more affordable. Worldwide, more and more millennials are embracing lab-grown diamonds, thereby choosing to take a stand for ethical practices. Closer home, several homegrown jewellery brands are amplifying this replacement.

Here, we round up those jewellery brands in India that are focusing on lab-grown diamonds and offering a range of beautiful pieces, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more.

Featured image: Syndiora. Hero image: Sonaakshi Raaj Merani and Malvika Raaj for Vandals


Layered pendants, whimsical drop earrings, and quaint white gold rings with a radiant diamond shining in the centre – Syndiora crafts conflict-free gems in a variety of cuts and sizes. Whether you’re on the lookout for contemporary accents or classic pieces, this emerging label is paving the path for eco-jewellery with its commitment to busting age-old myths that surround lab-grown diamonds.

Image: Courtesy Syndiora Instagram

2. Anantaa Diamonds

Superior craftsmanship and a conscious approach — Anantaa Diamonds creates impeccable jewellery that lasts a lifetime. Made in state-of-the-art laboratories, every piece is a result of zero mining and eco-friendly sourcing. Take your pick from exquisite emerald rings, delicate bracelets or intricately crafted solitaire earrings. The label’s recent limited-edition capsule collection, in collaboration with VRTT Vintage, also has plenty of versatile options for the minimalists out there.

Image: Courtesy Anantaa Instagram


True to its name, Vandals is a Mumbai-based label that is out to break rules with its rebellious interpretations. Contradicting the elite idea that jewels are often pegged with, this unconventional boutique is challenging existing ideals of fine jewellery via its radical perspective termed as ‘vandology’. Catch a glimpse of its distinctive collection of lab-grown diamond rings, bracelets, and other trinkets that are creatively reimagined on renowned literature and art such as Johannes Vermeer’s iconic painting The Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Image: Courtesy Vandals Instagram


If you have a penchant for rose gold, then Purekarat’s opulent range of diamond ornaments would make for an ideal shopping destination. Promising ‘luxury with conscience’, this jewellery brand dexterously designs its pieces for an unparalleled lustre that is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

Image: Courtesy Purekarat Instagram

DiAi Designs

Looking for dainty and lightweight jewellery? DiAi Designs is one of the lab-grown diamond brands that is for the modern woman who is looking to uplift her everyday look. It reaches you in sustainable packaging and with a lifetime bonus of warranty on all DiAi purchases, including repair, re-polishing, and cleaning upgrades for your stones.

Image: Courtesy DiAi Designs  Instagram

Limelight Diamonds

Limelight Diamonds is a leading luxury brand that offers a promising alternative in the form of Type IIa diamonds (also known as CVD diamonds) which are hand-crafted for a comparable sheen. Calling all brides-to-be, give your trousseau a sustainable makeover with a myriad of Limelight jewels that will shine beyond your big day.

Image: Courtesy Limelight Diamonds Instagram

Fiona Diamonds

On the hunt for an engagement ring which is the right combination of unique yet timeless? There are plenty of designs to choose from at Fiona, plus the opportunity to customise something special for those looking to take it a step further. Don’t forget to browse through its modern link bracelets, heart-shaped ear studs, dazzling diamond watches, and other statement accessories

Image: Courtesy Fiona Diamonds Instagram

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