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Looking for a little sparkle? These are the biggest trends according to Natural Diamond Council

In conversation with Richa Singh, Managing Director India & Middle East at Natural Diamond Council on the beauty of natural diamonds and major emerging trends from the second edition of The Natural Diamond Council Trend Report.

“Natural diamonds for me are the ultimate reflection of slow fashion. They are gifts of nature, immersed in history and legacy, and make for ideal modern heirlooms that hold together love and tradition. Their timeless elegance and versatility allow them to complement both traditional and contemporary outfits for all genders,” says Singh as we talk about the importance of natural diamonds in today’s fast-moving world. “Personally, for me, they are also gifts of nature immersed in sustainability and I feel proud that my purchase gives back to society every time I buy natural diamond jewellery. Diamonds epitomise what I have received from my grandmother and mother, giving me the opportunity to explore the glory of the past styled in my own aesthetic, and showcase my authentic self. There is no better way to celebrate every milestone of our lives, both big and small, than with precious natural diamonds. Plus, they make for ideal accessories carrying with them stories of the wearer, cherished memories and bonds of a lifetime.” If you’re in agreement, knowing what diamond and jewellery trends to invest in is just the next step. In its second year, The Natural Diamond Council Trend Report captures the pulse of diamond jewellery, trends that are sustainable, timeless yet in sync with the current mood of fashion.

What is the biggest takeaway from the second edition of The Natural Diamond Council Trend Report?

The past two years have redefined the way we express ourselves through fashion and jewellery. Through uncertain times resonated a whimsical spirit that is grounded in vintage choices creating means of self-expression. While we all want to hold on to our roots, we are excited to look forward to a future that brings joy, innovation and opportunities. And natural diamond jewellery adds that exact sense of playfulness and glamour to personal style. Representing this definition of the charisma that millennials and GenZ audiences demonstrate, our second edition of the Jewellery Trend Report 2022 predicts the hottest trends of the year in India and UAE that allow individuals to have fun with natural diamonds and unexpected silhouettes.

The report reflects a rejuvenation, a longing for renewal. It is this desire to find singularity and distinctiveness that has allowed me to find similarities in the power of our own charisma and the beauty of natural diamonds to hold meaning and strength in the everyday and make it more personal than ever before.

Tell us about the Hoops with a Twist trend and its global impact?

Innovation and whimsy truly represent Hoops with a Twist. Hoops in themselves have always been in style and a favourite as they brighten up every look, be it a cocktail gown or a casual t-shirt dress. Millennials and the GenZ have quite literally reinvented the wheel by adding clustered diamonds, interlinked details, and a variety of shapes to the hoop to adapt it to their own personality. It represents a youthful, modern new direction and allows wearers the freedom to add glamour to their everyday fashion.

The Mismatched Diamond trend is a rather interesting and unique one, please expand on the same.

A trend which is back in vogue is mismatched diamonds, an absolute must-have in your jewellery box. It offers the opportunity to add personality to classic pieces, from a tennis bracelet to an engagement band or solitaire necklace. When you mix and match natural diamonds of different shapes within the same ornament, it creates an illusionist’s game, lending character and individuality to your jewellery and allowing you to make a statement with subtlety – a personal twist that represents the wearer. Personally, it lends me an incomparable sparkle, because every accessory studded with mismatched diamonds has a glint of my own personality and makes wearing it even more fun.

What Vintage Cuts do you see taking over the market?

Vintage cuts hold subtle glamour; across ages, vintage cuts have always been cherished because of the allure they project. They add a touch of class to new age jewels as they combine tradition and modernity creating timeless pieces that are ethereal and eternal. They are also symbolic of slow fashion and make for ideal modern heirlooms that can be passed across generations – holding on to memories that will never fade just like the sparkle of the natural diamond. This is one of the reasons why two natural diamond cuts – rose and briolette are making a charming comeback.

The most attractive feature of a rose cut is its versatility. In modern design, rose-cut jewellery plays around with design aesthetics and breathes new life into jewellery collections as it provides wearers with an antique look that can be paired with modern fashion. The Briolette cut, believed to be among the oldest gem-cutting techniques, has a chandelier effect. Its drop shape offers a 360degree view of the natural diamond, reflecting light from every angle. These vintage diamond cuts are making a comeback as they not just allow the natural shape and contour of the diamond to remain intact but also reflect an era gone by that has style, history and a story. Be it Maharani Gayatri Devi who styled her diamonds with chiffon sarees or Emily In Paris star Lily Collins’ ultra-rare engagement ring, vintage cuts imbibe a subtle hint of the past and glamour that is unparalleled.

What according to you are classic or evergreen trends in diamonds that one must invest in?

Natural diamond jewellery truly transcends all trends. What my grandmother passed on to me can be paired in many unconventional ways, to encapsulate contemporary fashion trends. A few basic diamond essentials should be on everyone’s wish list – a pair of solitaire earrings, a classic tennis bracelet, a Riviere necklace and a cocktail ring. Whether you choose to go down the classic route or give it your own personal twist by taking inspiration from our key trends, is up to you. I believe that the trends showcased in Natural Diamond Council’s Jewellery Trend Report 2022 make for a good start for everyone looking to invest in diamond jewellery today. Its trends like these allow individuals to have fun with diamonds and unexpected silhouettes – to create their own statement and spark a new aesthetic.


All Images: Courtesy Natural Diamonds.

Looking for a little sparkle? These are the biggest trends according to Natural Diamond Council

Akshita Nahar Jain

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