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Mamta & Vidhi Gupta of Zariin on creating urban chic jewellery pieces for millennials

In a jewellery market cluttered with traditional sensibilities, Mamta and Vidhi Gupta of Zariin Jewellery have stood out owing to their contemporary and edgy designs.

For anyone on a lookout for evergreen pieces standing at an intersection of art and fashion, Zariin Jewellery is your label. With their urban chic earrings, contemporary neckpieces, and neo-traditional cuffs, the designer duo has carved a modern narrative keeping their traditional essence intact. Veering away from old-school heavy pieces, their jewellery speaks to the modern consumers that want everyday pieces to seamlessly become a part of their personality.

Mamta and Vidhi Gupta of Zariin Jewellery. Image: Courtesy Zariin
Mamta and Vidhi Gupta of Zariin Jewellery. Image: Courtesy Zariin

Launched in 2010, Zariin found loyalists of modern jewellery in the International market. Their pieces were stocked in Anthropologie stores across the US and eventually found a buyer-base in India. Pioneers not just in terms of design intervention but business practices too, both Mamta and Vidhi are avid advocates of building a narrative that can sustain the ever-evolving jewellery market.

In a time when online shopping was still a nascent concept, they launched their e-commerce services catering to the millennial consumers in 2013. With their recent collection launches, Zariin celebrates a decade embellished with a long list of celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Chitrangada Singh, and Jacqueline Fernandes who have embraced their designs. Having stocked their collections at luxury retail spaces such as Miss, Selfridges (London), Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and United Arrows (Japan), Zariin today defines what jewellery means for discerning women.

Mamta and Vidhi Gupta gave Lifestyle Asia India a complete lowdown  on what it takes to survive in an ever-evolving jewellery market.

On the evolving jewellery market in India

When we launched there was no concept of everyday ”fashion” jewellery. Either there were traditional precious jewellery or the flea market jewellery. There was a massive gap that we thought of filling in. We thought of developing a new body of work with our contemporary designs and started selling through International luxury retail stores and slowly explored the market in India. Over the past decade, we have seen the tastes change. Just like people think about their clothes, they have started thinking about their jewellery as well. Contemporary, everyday jewellery is finally being seen as a form of everyday expression. And yes, jewellery aficionados today invest in pieces that feel personal.

On surviving the market

We always ensured that our design thinking was aligned with our commercial sensibilities. We started with a signature look that was very quirky and contemporary, but we have worked on it further to fit in today’s market space. We kept our product strong, relevant, and wearable. For us keeping an eye on costs was important too. It was a balancing act of letting our creative juices flow and embrace the market needs that have helped us grow.

On an ideal Zariin muse

Every woman who believes in herself and who is not trying to fit into a mould. We create for women who are on the go, 24*7. They might not necessarily be attending red carpet events but want to feel good about themselves.

On design interventions

We love working with uncut gemstones. Yes, they look beautiful but it is a huge challenge to work with them. We believe in working with them as they come with a certain set of imperfections. Also, our practice was against the industry standards, which focused on working with polished gemstones.  Besides this, we at Zariin Jewellery have repeatedly worked with pearl beading that comes in the form of the exquisite jaali work. With every new collection, we revisit these concepts. Then plating is another practice that we have worked with to decide the perfect hue of gold set against different Indian skin complexions.

Zariin Jewellery

On how millennials should shop

Stop running after trends. Being experimental is great but be true to your self and invest in pieces that align with your personal style.

On latest collections

One of our latest collections ‘Girl in the city’ is in collaboration with Confluence, a jewellery collective focused on contemporary designs. The inspiration is once again our travels and how lights of each city add on to its character. Our favourites are shoulder-grazing earrings, contemporary necklaces and rings. Another collection ‘Sea Princess’ is for the boho bride. Inspired by seashells, the collection features a wide range of earrings, neckpieces, and maang tikkas.

All Images: Courtesy Zariin Jewelery Instagram

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