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Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Roma Narsinghani’s architectural designs speak to the discerning taste of the modern Indian woman. Crafted in brass and including pieces like hair buns, barrettes, brooches, ear caps and bobby pins, the designs all recall an old-world, vintage charm, setting it apart from most contemporary offerings. Narsinghani’s design vocabulary took shape while pursuing BA in Fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, and developed further while interning under Manish Arora in 2005.

Her beautiful designs were showcased for the first time at Magnetic Fields in Jaipur. And from then on, there was no looking back. Today, Narsinghani retails out of Ensemble and Nimai in New Delhi; Melange in Mumbai, Mukhi Sisters Fine Jewellery & Concept Store in Beirut and  Alothman in Kuwait. She recently collaborated with Woolmark Prize Winner Rahul Mishra for his Paris Fashion Week showcase, and created minimal and geometric pieces inspired by aerial views of Mumbai (also where she lives), to complement Mishra’s ensembles. She speaks to Lifestyle Asia about her work. 

Jewellery created by Roma Narsinghani for Chola at Lakme Fashion Week
Hair Accessory created by Narsinghani for Chola at Lakme Fashion Week
Your creations tread a path between tradition and modernity. What inspires you?
I am endlessly inspired by all kinds of architecture; buildings find their way into most of my pieces. Closer home, Mumbai’s art deco heritage serves as a canvas of creativity.
Tell us a little about your signature pieces. Which ones are your favourite?
The three-way brooch is a piece that can be worn as a necklace/ brooch or bag charm – it’s versatile and extremely functional. We have over 40 styles of hair buns -we love experimenting with this hair accessory because of its functionality. It is a great option for fuss-free hair, and also gives the wearer two pieces in one as the bun stick can be worn separately too. Then there are ear caps, almost like a jacket for the ear. It’s a simple pair of studs that work almost with any attire.
Most of your pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia. Is that a conscious approach?

Consistent evolution and thought bridge the gap between the old and the new. India has a long-standing commitment to its cultural sensitivity and evolution of jewellery design. To take inspiration from long-standing Indian jewellery design while exploring global patterns and influences is what creates my unique standpoint – that of nostalgia and sense of freshness.

Jewellery created by Roma Narsinghani for Rahul Mishra at Paris Fashion Week
Single earring trend at Paris Fashion Week

What was it like working with Rahul Mishra and debuting at PFW?

It was an honour to work with both Rahul and Divya Mishra, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration! Our minimalist sensibilities felt like a perfect match – a dream come true for any designer for their designs to be showcased on the runway at such a prestigious platform as Paris Fashion Week.

Can you shine some light on the piece you specially created for PFW?

We created a few pieces that matched the motifs from Rahul Mishra’s collection and a few pieces were inspired by aerial views of Mumbai. All piece were geometric but minimal. Trinity earrings are studs that can be worn three ways – as a minimal stud, statement earring and a bobby pin all in one. We also created a new version of our ear caps.

What are the hottest hair accessory trends this season?

Given the trend of flower crowns over the last couple of years, the new headband trend is all about being delicate while still wearing a statement piece. Hair barrettes and bobby pins are also big. Minimal and a super easy way to style your hair, it adds just that right amount of adornment without looking over styled.

Key things one should consider while picking up hair accessories?

In terms of upcoming trends, novelty, kitsch and playful pieces offer a lighthearted mood for the season. Embracing vintage is key – this trend is all about pieces that feel familiar yet fresh.

Minimal hair buns with a bunk stick
Geometric shapes dominate Narsinghani's design narrative

What’s next for you and the label?

Setting up my e-commerce website. We already collaborate with a lot of stores in the Middle East and are hoping to expand our base to Europe and America.


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