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15 statement necklaces inspired by Bella Hadid’s viral Cannes look

On paper, a slinky black dress styled alongside a statement gold necklace is predictably humdrum; nothing to write — or text; or any manner of communication — home about. Until the equation is cast on one Bella Hadid. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the 24-year-old supermodel, once again, proves she has the Midas touch. Everything she does is magic! Everything she touches turns to gold!

Bella Hadid stole some breaths at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in Schiaparelli, with the yoke of her dress entirely cut out and replaced by gilded trompe l’oeil lungs — creeping, crawling and branching off down paths of bronchioles that also look little like roots. Tree branches. How do your synapses connect in your brain when you have a thought. 

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As for us mere mortals who will not have the opportunity to be styled-and-coifed in Schiaparelli haute couture save for very vivid fever dreams, here are some extra-large necklaces that could stand in as inspiration. For your consideration: Go big or go home!

(Hero and featured image courtesy of Schiaparelli)

The many, many strands of crystals making up the execution of this Rosantica necklace are made to move with your every step. Every single movement, no matter the subtlety, really. We’re styling this with a pretty scoop-neck that follows the tender curve of the necklace’s bib-like swoop, probably with something ribbed-knit or cotton jersey for a hi-lo momentUnless you’re dressing to impress, in which case: Black satin and opera gloves. Fancy!

Rs 26,000 (approx)

If it’s drama you’re looking for, Alexander McQueen’s incredibly large chokercast in the image of a pair of life-sized lobster claws, should do the trick. You won’t — can’t, actually — miss it; it’s much too big to be glossed overIf the piece looks a smidge on the side of intense, fear not: The bulk of the choker was specifically designed to sit comfortably at the notch of the collarbone.

Rs 47,700 (approx)

There’s always a patent sense of found magic that accompanies a Begüm Khan design. The kind that feels a certain measure of eccentricity, so unlike the very dainty, very slight jewellery we’ve seemed to gravitate towards in recent years. Khan’s designs? Unafraid of heft. A very large eyeball follows a very large beetle follows a very large giraffe; and for this particular design, a very large turtle afloat beneath a substantial string of freshwater pearls. We’re envisioning this piece worn on vacation against crocheted knits and raffia sunhats.

Rs 99,000

This is a necklace, but it’s also a bracelet, aanklet, a hair accessory, and whatever else your mind and motor skills can conjure up. PEARL OCTOPUSS.Y’s Golden Snake design contorts into formations that must take a little bit of imagination, with the final execution made even more striking with the colossal faux pearls punctuating either end. Some might say there’s a time and place for jewellery this dramatic, but we’re keen for a touch of fantasy on a casual Monday morning. Or any other.

Rs 20,700 (approx)

Whether you’re of a fancy debutante class or simply reminiscing on your favourite prom memory, the corsage exchange is a formative moment, to be held safe, sound and treasured. Rendered for the neck, not the wrist; from patent leather, not real petals, this floral silk choker from SAINT LAURENT is all grown up — and made to last beyond a single evening. Take this piece for a spin in something fantastic; something you’d want to have worn to prom all those years ago.

Rs 40,000 (approx)

The pendant on this AZ Factory necklace is something of a Rorschach test. Is it a nondescript flower? A secret love letter ripped out and crumbled into a sad, indiscernible wad? A dedication to ‘art’ and ‘sculpture’ and arbitrary crevices? Make for art school lectures in a full blacked-out ensemble so this piece’s grosgrain blends in and disappears. Now, on the show: A single gold-toned bauble, suspended in a frame. 

Rs 47,000 (approx)

Those dainty, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it chain necklaces? The ones made for layering? This Bottega Veneta variant is defiantly not itThis is not a chain necklace that guest stars; rather, it’s the prima donna of the company. Lead actor. The star of the show. Enchained in chunky, oversized links, this gold-plated beauty is a direct reflection of BV’s current house code, with similar links made to accompany the brand’s series of bags and leather goods.

Rs 3,63,000 (approx)

Ornate is the word that comes to mind with this necklace from Gucci’s ‘Epilogue’ collection, with its graphic design bared at the yoke like a hand-cut snowflake. Or an incredibly intricate candelabra. Or a tea service currently holding court behind glass at a museum. There is a staggering amount of detail etched through this piece, which means the best way forward is to pair it with something simple. A black tank top. A white t-shirt.

Rs 1,35,000 (approx)

Paco Rabanne’s predilection for metallics is firmly entrenched within the brand DNA, with paillettes and chainmail both recurring motifs amidst the brand’s half-a-century-plus tenure. It should come as no surprise, then, that this chain necklace is rendered alternately in silver-tone metal, crystals and extra-large linked chains meant to make a big, big statement.

Rs 46,000 (approx)

Strung along with charms you might scavenge from a wander along the beachfront, Versace’s Trésor de la Mer choker is stippled with crystals in every colour under the sun — or, under the sea; after all, the oceanic motifs are a reference to Gianni’s iconic collection of the same name from Spring 1992. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with toes tucked snug in warm, sun-heated sand this summer, we’re expecting this piece to make a grand entrance alongside a pretty maillot and a heavy glass of white.

Rs 63,000 (approx)

If you love pieces that offer multi-functionality in terms of wear, then this convertible choker necklace from Misho is sure to do the trick. Crafted in brass with 22-carat gold plating, it can be worn as a choker by placing around the neck or as a clip-on hairpiece extension piece by adjusting on the hair in order to wear it as a headpiece. With the clip-on belt extension piece, you can also adjust and wear it as a belt. So basically when you’re buying this piece you are getting 3 statement pieces in return.

Rs 18,800

If you’re looking to cover the décolletage with a bold extra large necklace as done by Bella Hadid on the Cannes red carpet, then this Outhouse cape necklace is for you. A highly structured style, it uses over 1,500 fresh water pearls, takes more than 120 hours and is crafted with s 22 carat rose gold plating. This fine piece of artistry deserves to be cherished.

Rs 65,000

After seeing Ranveer Singh’s recent appearance in a necklace from Valliyan by Nitya Arora, we are convinced of the homegrown label’s ability to create statement pieces. If you’re looking for a uniquely modern aesthetic, then the three-layered candy necklace is for you. Made of copper, brass and plated with 18-carat gold along with Swarovski Crystals, acrylic, glass and semi-precious stones.


Price `
Rs 15,000

An Indian designer whose extravagant hand moulded jewellery we love, it’s Studio Metallurgy. This statement necklace from the label is inspired by the broken shells and how debris can be used to create extraordinary things. Crafted in brass metal with a gold dip polish, the necklace is a much sought after style.

Rs 12,000

If you’re looking for a statement necklace that can be worn with Indian and Western outfits with equal ease, then Prerto has plenty on offer. The Gavrila necklace is inspired by architectural influences from Russia. It comes set with pearls, green beads and a statement-making tassel drop.

Rs 14,500
15 statement necklaces inspired by Bella Hadid’s viral Cannes look

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