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#WorkFromHomeStyle: 5 easy outfit ideas to suit every personality

With the work-from-home rule still in play, we’ve come up with five personas and a fashion item to match each persona. Read on to find out which #workfromhome type of person you are and what work from home clothing item is suitable for you.

Just like pineapple on pizza (no, thank you), durian, and Marmite, work from home has become one of those things: you either love it or you hate it. It’s been a while since we’ve been living the reality of Fifth Harmony’s 2016 Work From Home song. While some cherish the extra hours in bed, some are desperately waiting to reunite with their office chairs.

To commemorate (or cope with) the continuation of the #WorkFromHome situation, we’ve come up with five personas that we think best describe the types of people working from home. Are you the ‘Netflix & work’ type? Or are you the ‘work from hotel’ type? Time to find out. To spice things up a bit, we’ve also picked out a work from home clothing which we deemed most appropriate for each persona. Happy reading, happy shopping. 

Employee of the month, teacher’s pet, star student: whatever you want to call them, hats off to this type. Claiming their desk as their home with all essentials within reach, it’s safe to assume they only get out of their chair for bathroom breaks. Being stuck at home does not faze them. They still submit their work on time (even before time) and their work is still pretty much impeccable. All in all, the Employee of the Month persona is as diligent as they come. If you’re this #workfromhome type, huge respect for you, but also, please kindly stop making the rest of us look bad. Thank you. 

Outfit idea: What better than a modish work dress to complement your fervour for work? 

Image: Courtesy Esha Sethi Thirani Black Empire Line Dress With Pearl Detail

Rs 24,640

The Work-From-Home Enthusiasts have made the best out of a bad situation. From waking up early to work out, to cooking all of their meals, to walking the dog, to reading, they manage to balance both their home chores and their office work. This persona fills the extra time in the most productive of ways. Perfecting the work-life balance equilibrium, we seriously doubt they want to go back to the office, ever.  

Outfit idea: An unbeatable healthy routine, we deemed gym clothing most appropriate for you work-from-home enthusiasts.

Image: Courtesy Satva Hatha Legging Black via Satvaliving

Rs 2,799

For this third type, ‘work from home’ directly translates to ‘more time in bed’. Whether this means extending their magical sleep or attending meetings from their plush berth, they’ve claimed the bed as their new home. Besides embodying the ‘I woke up like this’ adage and perhaps taking it to the next level, this type is also probably the best procrastinator. One minute they’re in a meeting then the next they’re on Netflix catching up on their favourite shows. This group needs a work setting to get work done, or else, find them epitomising Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song.   

Outfit idea: We know pyjamas are your best friend, so we’ve gone with an endearing pyjama set in which you can stay in bed and slay in bed.

Image: Courtesy IMWIP Subtraction in Progress Set

Rs 4,450

Hotel bookings have replaced work meetings and road trips have replaced the daily commute. These inveterate travellers simply cannot be in one place for too long. For the Globetrotter type, not having to go into the office means more time to staycation or #WorkFromHotel. Hopping from hotel to hotel and living out of a suitcase, this kind’s Instagram stories always consist of wanderlust content. If we’re being honest, they’re living the dream. 

Outfit idea: Travel in style with this perfect mini dress with a shirt inspired bodice and voluminous sleeves with elastic detailing near the cuff that falls to a mini double-crossed ruched skirt.

Image: Courtesy Label From Janice Dress

Rs 6,500

On top of work, the Superhuman has family responsibilities, domestic chores, errands, and side hustles. More or less everything, really. As a result, being a full-time superhuman, this group is constantly exhausted and usually late to work calls. Their to-do list is never completed, and there is always someone or something that needs their tending. In all likelihood, and reasonably so, they cannot wait to get back to the office to escape their jam-packed, never-ending days. 

Outfit idea: We want you to be as efficiently dressed as possible while you’re being a prodigious human, and there’s nothing better for that than this loungewear set.

Image: Courtesy KAYB Linen Loungewear Co-ord Set

Hero image: Courtesy Vlada Karpovich; featured image: Courtesy Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

This article first appeared in Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.

Rs 1,899
#WorkFromHomeStyle: 5 easy outfit ideas to suit every personality

Natasha Sethi

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