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Wear the world on your wrists with these smartwatches under INR 5,000

‘Tis the world of smart gadgets, and we’re just living in it. From our home appliances to everyday tech, we are essentially surrounded by devices that do it all for us and make our life easier, especially phones and watches. Sure, smartphones make up a huge part of our life, but smartwatches, too, aren’t far behind. They are as purposeful as phones, and no, you don’t need to spend a bomb to get one. You can easily spoil yourself with one of the best smartwatches under INR 5000 also. Smartwatches integrate performance, style and utility just like a phone does. It lets you manage your daily routines more efficiently and keep your health and fitness in check with accuracy while ensuring your on-the-go entertainment needs are met with games and music. Not to forget that smartwatch also adds to your style quotient with its stunning looks.

Types of smartwatches

Although technological advancements are constantly blurring the lines between the difference in smartwatches by including most of the functions in all models, the following are the basic types: General — your usual smartwatch that can be connected to your phone and used for various day-to-day purposes, such as checking out notifications, listening to music and making/receiving calls. Hybrid — a traditional analogue watch with smart functions sans the typical screen (or display). Their battery life is also relatively longer than a general smartwatch. Sports and fitness — a smartwatch that’s specifically designed to keep sports, fitness and adventure in mind. It has advanced modes and trackers that monitor your workout sessions and vitals and gives insights into performance.

Factors to consider while buying smartwatches

Much like a smartphone, buying a watch too requires careful consideration of various factors. If you’re looking to buy the best smartwatch under INR 5000, here’s a small checklist that you can follow. Compatibility One of the most essential aspects to consider while buying a smartwatch is its compatibility with a smartphone. While some smartwatches can connect to both Android and iOS, and you can choose from a slew of options if you are an Android user, it is better to buy an Apple watch if you use an iPhone.


The display of a smartwatch is a major contributor to the entire user experience. Hence, always opt for a watch that features a clear screen, preferably an AMOLED display as its quality is superior to others. Ensure that the screen size is optimal for easy viewing and working and has a good, responsive touch. For instance, the OnePlus Nord Watch (Buy it for INR 4,999 on Amazon) features a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a really fast touch and refresh rate. Durability and reliability A strong build and a durable design must be considered too, especially if you’re buying a smartwatch for sports-tracking and adventure purposes. Ensure that the straps are comfortable, the display casing is sturdy, and the watch is water and dust-resistant. The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha (Buy it for INR 3,999 on Amazon) is IP68 water and dust-resistant, which makes this watch ideal for all sorts of sports activities.

Needs and requirements

While smartwatches today are equipped with almost all the functions (from health and fitness features to connectivity), it is nevertheless still ideal to consider why you need one. If you want it to be your wellness guide, buying one that has reminders and trackers monitoring your vitals will be a good choice. Similarly, if you need the ease of managing your busy daily work routine, a watch that’s compatible with your phone would be rather suitable. If you desire deeper insights into your sports and adventure pursuits, opt for a smartwatch that has multiple sports modes.

Style aesthetics

If you want your smartwatch to also double up as a stylish accessory, you should consider buying a model that comes with interchangeable straps (metal, silicone or both). This will allow you to style it in versatile ways and pull off a different look every now and then.

Charging and battery life

Before zeroing in on a smartwatch, do look at its battery life and charging time too. If your usage is excessive, it is ideal to buy a piece that lasts long on a single charge for a fuss-free user experience.

Best smartwatches to buy in India under INR 5000

INR 2799

It’s time to step out in style and get tasks done with the boAt Xtend RTL that’s equipped with a built-in Alexa voice assistant. It makes accessing and managing apps easier and will save you the hassle of taking the phone out of your pocket every time. The watch features a 1.69-inch LCD display with a highly responsive touch interface while the look of it can be customised owing to the availability of over 50 watch faces. This smartwatch under INR 5000 also comes equipped with wellness features and trackers, including guided meditative breathing, SpO2 and heart rate tracker. Additionally, its daily activity tracker has 14 sports modes to track your progress efficiently. It has a 300 mAH battery capacity that can run for four to five days of excess usage and seven days of normal use when fully charged. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 4450

One of the best smartwatches under INR 5000 AMOLED display, the Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus combines stylishness and utility perfectly. It is an optimum mix of advanced technology and design that comes with a 1.43-inch customisable display with 22 screens and 120 watch faces to choose from. Encased in a durable, brushed metal body, the watch has functions such as voice assistant, Bluetooth calling, 4GB in-built storage, earbuds connectivity, a rotating crown to navigate through the menu, phone book syncing and a dial pad. A testament to pioneering design and craftsmanship, this smartwatch is also equipped with over 300 sports modes, five in-built games, a calculator, find my phone, alarm and stopwatch, reminders to drink water, trackers to monitor heart rate, sleep, SpO2 and activity and seven menu layouts. Its 380 mAH battery can last for seven days in classic mode and 20 days in standby mode. The design also boasts interchangeable silicone and steel straps. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 3999

Priced at INR 4450, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha is a great smartwatch with a call function powered by Tru Sync technology and gesture control. With a 1.78-inch AMOLED display and a digital crown to navigate through apps and features, this model offers a seamless experience of using a smartwatch when on the move. Moreover, the NoiseFitt app upgrades this watch’s ecosystem by enhancing accessibility and control. The Noise Health Suite offers easy SpO2, heart rate, sleep, stress, breathing and menstrual cycle tracking. Additionally, the watch’s IP68 dust and water resistance allows you to indulge in your favourite sports without having to take it off. While its Instacharge function provides a battery life of up to 24 hours on a 10-minute charge, the watch can seamlessly run for up to seven days (normal use) and 30 days (standby mode) on a full charge. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 4998

With IP68 water resistance, a 14-day battery life and a 1.75-inch ultra-large colour display, the realme Watch 2 Pro makes for a great pick. It is equipped with a High-Precision Dual-Satellite GPS system that offers accurate route information, activity monitoring and step tracking. With the availability of 90 sports modes, you can have an enhanced workout session aided by precise required metrics. You can also monitor health parameters, such as blood oxygen levels and heart rate and also customise the look of the watch with over 100 watch faces and interchangeable straps. Additional features include smart notifications, sedentary and drinking reminders, find your phone, meditation, music control, stopwatch and weather forecast. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 2999

Offering a cool sporty vibe is the Crossbeats Ignite Spectra smartwatch. The smart wearable features a 1.83-inch Retina AMOLED Always On display for a brighter and brilliant user experience. It has built-in storage and speakers to store up to 150 songs and play them at excellent sound quality. The watch also allows Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone and wireless earbuds or earphones. With 97 percent accuracy, the AI-enabled health metrics let you track your heart rate, SpO2 levels and sleep, has a blood pressure monitor and even lets you practise meditative breathing efficiently. The various sports modes provide enhanced workout sessions (including water-based owing to IP68 water and dust resistance) while the watch’s run time averages between seven and ten days. With a price tag of just under INR 3000, it is a steal. Image: Courtesy Flipkart

INR 4995

Fastrack Revoltt FS1 Pro has an impressive AMOLED screen size of 1.96 inches. It delivers a bright, clear visual experience supported by a unique arched design. Bluetooth calling powered by SingleSync allows ease of receiving and rejecting calls without reaching out for the phone every time while the Fastrack Reflex World App promises an interactive and immersive ecosystem for the users. The IP68-rated water and dust-resistant watch offers a battery life of up to seven days on a single charge, along with more than 110 sports modes and over 200 cloud watch faces. Real-time advanced health monitoring also makes this model a great pick. Image: Courtesy Flipkart

INR 3649

Visionary is yet another smartwatch by Fire-Boltt that makes for an efficient choice in the pocket-friendly segment. Available in various colours, the watch features a high-resolution 1.78-inch AMOLED display for exceptional viewing quality. It also has a quick access dial pad, contacts syncing, call history and Bluetooth calling. While its 100 sports modes allow you to set your goals and track your overall performance, the AI voice assistant lets you get things done instantly at the command of your voice. Multiple watch faces, health trackers, smart notifications and water resistance are some of the other elements that add to the reliability of this smartwatch. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 4999

Taking over the gadget world one smart device at a time is the brand OnePlus that’s popular for its range of both affordable and expensive phones and watches. And one of the best smartwatches under INR 5000 by this giant is the Nord Watch. Combining clarity, smooth touch and fast refresh rate is the 1.78-inch AMOLED display that offers the watch its stylish look. It is further amped up by the availability of over 100 watch faces that let you customise the look of your watch as per your mood. Durable in even harsh weather conditions, dusty environments and water-related sports and adventures, this watch lets you do it all effortlessly. While the 105 sports modes help you in measuring your workout statistics and further enhance them, the various health trackers keep your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep schedules and stress in check. You can also connect your watch to Bluetooth and manage its various functions on the N Health app. The watch can run for up to 10 days on a single charge and up to 30 days on standby mode. Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 2350

Embark on your fitness journey with the Redmi Watch 2 Lite which comes with more than 100 workout modes to track your progress and give you valuable insights about your performance. Water resistant up to 50 metres, the watch can be worn both in the pool and the shower. This smartwatch is also equipped with a built-in high-precision chip supporting the four major global positioning systems — GPS, Galileo, BDS and GLONASS. From the blood oxygen monitoring feature to trackers for heart rate, sleep, stress, breathing and menstrual cycle, this device does it all. With a 1.55-inch vibrant display encased in a strong frame, the watch offers multiple colour options to choose from. Additionally, it can run for up to 10 days on normal usage and 14 hours on continuous GPS sports mode. Image: Courtesy Amazon

Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change. (Hero Image Courtesy: Luke Chesser/Unsplash ; Featured Image Courtesy: Cottonbro Studio/Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I use a smartwatch without a smartphone?

Answer: Yes, you can use a smartwatch without a smartphone if it has Wi-Fi connectivity or a micro-SIM. Features including playing music, fitness tracking, voice control, and even calling and messaging (in cellular models) can be accessed without a phone.

Question: What are the most expensive smartwatches?

Answer: Priced at a whopping USD 180,000 (approximately INR 1,48,88,430), the Tag Heuer Connected Modular Full Diamond is the most expensive smartwatch. It is followed by Brikk Lux Watch Omni, priced at USD 114,995 (approximately INR 95,11,639).

Question: Are there any smartwatches under INR 5000 with GPS tracking?

Answer: Yes, there are smartwatches under INR 5000 that are equipped with GPS tracking, such as realme Watch Pro 2.

Question: Can a smartwatch be used as a fitness tracker?

Answer: Yes, most smartwatches today come equipped with fitness tracking features that can help in monitoring your vitals, sleep, and stress levels and even send regular water and sedentary reminders.

Question: Can I swim or shower with a smartwatch?

Answer: If your smartwatch is water-resistant, you can take a shower or swim while still wearing it.

Question: Can I make a call using a smartwatch?

Answer: Yes, if your smartwatch has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with your phone’s operating system, you can accept and reject calls on it.

Wear the world on your wrists with these smartwatches under INR 5,000

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