Building a watch collection isn’t as effortless as it looks. With factors like utility, efficiency, occasional brand power, craftsmanship, and sometimes even its heirloom value coming into play, watch collections have transmogrified into more than just an exercise in self-indulgence. There is more to building a watch collection – it is an expression and extension of one’s creative alter-ego. As watch collectors, their choices in horology aren’t frivolous, it’s almost always about appraising the value of a novelty, owning a piece of historical value or even satisfying a guilty pleasure. And they often go to great lengths to acquire them, be it in terms of price or even patience. If you’d like to embark on his horological journey, our watch collecting guide will surely be of help.

Despite its inherently double edged nature, social media has become one of the key drivers of watch collecting’s popularity. Once upon a time, exhorting the differences between a 6265 and 6263 Daytona was considered thoroughly unsexy: now, such pieces possess the mindshare which was once reserved for sneakers and designer goods.

No matter how you might feel about the problems of a platform like Instagram — built-in superficialness and a lack of transparency, for example —  the fact remains that it’s an invaluable springboard into a complex hobby. The fast-paced image-led format means it’s never been more convenient to appreciate watches on an unprecedented scale — particularly when the content you’re consuming comes from a reputable source. Sort of like the guys we’ve cherry-picked below.

We follow each of these collectors for different reasons: some will help expand your horological lexicon; one or two explore watchmaking’s place within the wider context of pop culture; and others are simply operating on a level which behooves sharing. Smartphones at the ready: here are 10 watch collectors to follow on Instagram, right now.