Do you own an automatic timepiece? If so, you know that your pride and joy in the indulgence of timekeeping lies in pure skeletal design and bold detailing. Putting a timepiece’s mechanical elegance on display, automatic watches often boast an open case-back, that exposes the intricacy of luxury watches and the complications it bears. If you’ve wondered why luxury watches are so expensive- it’s simply factored down to the timepiece’s complications which defines its level of intricacy. The more compact and complex the mechanism goes, the higher the price-tag. And as a pinnacle of such watchmaking intricacy and almost always accompanied by an automatic movement, a tourbillon timepiece is a true spectacle of microscopic detailing which has been revered as one of the finest novelties to ever exist. Tourbillons are gravity-defying hearts of a timepiece that rotate in absolute tranquility on a single, double or even four axis variants, all in perfect sync with a timepiece’s movement. The best tourbillon watches from around the world are often clubbed with perpetual calendars, chimes and of-course chronographs. And they’re particularly interesting for enthusiasts who admire the finer and more exceptional crafts in watchmaking. If you’d like to indulge in such a novelty, these are the best tourbillon watches to invest in, today.