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The OnePlus x Harry Potter smartwatch is your wristwear passport to Hogwarts

Here’s the limited-edition OnePlus x Harry Potter smartwatch, a spellbinding treat for Harry Potter fans in India.

For once, it would be apt to say, What sorcery is this? Inspired by ‘The Boy Who Lived’, the OnePlus drops a limited edition and India-exclusive smartwatch packed with some impressive tech and a hint of wizardry. Priced at Rs 16,999, (Orginal price: Rs 19,999) with just a slight premium over their standard smartwatch rates, it goes on sale on October 21.

OnePlus Harry Potter smartwatch

This isn’t your usual Wesley watch or Gryffindor mug. It’s an authentic piece of Potterhood merch with a sensible dose of tech inside. But yes, expect a fair amount of Harry Potter elements here. Let’s start by talking about its box. Remember Diagon Alley from the first movie? That magical entryway into the market? Imitating that scene where the brick wall methodically collapses, opening a door for Harry and Hagrid, the brick-wall designed watch-box splits open sideways instead of upwards, like a boring traditional box.

OnePlus Harry Potter smartwatch

Inside, the OnePlus Harry Potter smartwatch features the brand’s WarpCharge tech that offers a day’s worth of power in just five mins of charge. More so, it can stretch its battery to almost 14 days. Assembled with the same level of care as a master wandmaker crafting your first wand, each piece is individually hand-polished and boasts a durable 2.5D curved glass. You can also declare your house allegiance by choosing between dial-face themes of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw, or Hogwarts. We also see a cool copper scheme with two buttons on the right-hand side of the watch with a motif of Harry’s prolific lightning scar on his forehead. The brand claims the case is highly corrosion-resistant. The brown leather strap also boasts an engraving of the Hogwarts logo.

OnePlus Harry Potter smartwatch

Apart from all these Potter accents, it still retains every element of a good OnePlus watch. It offers fitness tracking for over 110 modes while also keeping a close eye on your heart rate, stress levels, and blood oxygen (SpO2). The smartwatch is also 5ATM + IP684 water-resistant (up to 50 meters for 10 minutes). The OnePlus Harry Potter smartwatch will be available at OnePlus’ online store on October 21.

All images: Courtesy brand.

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