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Wristy Business: Radhika Apte on watches, minimalism, upcoming films, and more

Over a snoozy Sunday brunch, we caught up with the brand ambassador of Daniel Wellington, Radhika Apte, on her love for watches and fashion, upcoming films and wishlists for 2022.

Minimalism is increasingly becoming a way of life, and it reflects in the watch industry as well, as a staple taste of modern women. And well, if making a statement in simple elegance is an art, then Radhika Apte is the artist. If you scroll through her ‘gram, you’ll notice her penchant for fuss-free solid fashion tones and minimalist accessorising. Here, she discloses it all, quite candidly — watches and more!

Radhika Apte Daniel wellington

How did you become a part of Daniel Wellington? What makes them a great brand to wear?

Daniel Wellington and I are a perfect match, and we’ve been working together for the past couple of years. I remember, at the time, I was in the market for a Christmas gift watch for someone I love, and it was a DW watch. I found their watches to be an expression of simple elegance; they’re classic and highly minimalist. Soon after this, I tied up with the brand, and I think they perfectly reflect my taste.

Radhika Apte Daniel wellington

What’s the one DW watch every woman must own?

Actually two — The Iconic Link (a great steel watch) and the Petite Melrose (the one with a rose gold mesh strap).

What do you look for in watches?

I’ve always tried to play around with my accessories, and a timepiece for me is an everyday accessory. Hence, I would like its design to be a bit versatile, so it works with a number of my outfits. It’s the same reason I have a penchant for minimalist watches.

What advice would you give to women looking to buy a nice watch?

Oh, I think the same tip that I follow. Pick something clean and simple that compliments a majority of your wardrobe and everyday aesthetic.

Radhika Apte interview

As you’ve progressed through your acting career, how has your sense of style evolved?

One of the best things about my profession is the constant requirement of breaking out of my comfort zone. Similarly, I’ve also needed to also dress in ways I’ve never done have before. I’ve experimented with plenty of accessories, looks, and styles, and my fashion choices (simplicity being its core) have mostly remained the same.

How have you been during the lockdown? And what was the one thing that kept you grounded all these months?

The lockdown’s been a time of learning for me. It helped me understand my priorities once again and have a better reflection of myself. It’s been extremely difficult for so many people out there, and it gives you a true sense of perspective. More so, the way people have helped each other in this pandemic has been the biggest takeaway for me.

What can your fans expect from you in the coming months?

Well, as you know, there hasn’t really been much happening in the last couple of years, but I’ve just finished shooting for three films — Monika, O My Darling, Forensic, and Mrs. Undercover. Hopefully, they’ll be on your screens soon.

What’s on your wishlist for 2022?

Honestly, I want to go back diving. I haven’t dived in almost two years, and every trip I’ve made to do so has been cancelled. It’s certainly something I’m waiting to do.

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