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For most of us busy with the daily grind, hitting the gym and getting the routine on point might be a priority. But getting the gym wear conundrums sorted helps to reap better results. Opting for the right kind of workout wear in terms of style and functionality is the key. From picking the right kind of breathable fabrics to footwear, your workout essentials are important. We put together the best gym wear to buy this year. 

Be it simple shorts to joggers to even t-shirts there is a certain criterion one needs to follow to ensure that their gym wear investments reap results. Right from the quality, the kind of brands that might be on your radar to fit colours, everything becomes important. So to ease your confusion, we list some important parameters to guide on how to pick up the right kind of workwear.

Ensure comfort

Image: Courtesy Puma.com
Image: Courtesy Puma.com

Imagine being restricted by the construction of your workout wear while you are lifting. No one wants it. Even though tight-fitting t-shirts look great, but at times they can be restrictive owing to their sleeves. Thick seams are another problem that adds on. Pick up pieces that are light and airy. Sometimes due to the weight and nature of the fabric, t-shirts can ride up while you are pushing, bending, or pulling, that’s not what you want. One key is to always try on your work out clothes, and test your movements in them before investing. Pick up comfortable pieces. You also do not want to spend on loose track pants that might get tangled while you are cycling.

We love: Puma Active Women’s Tee

Priced at: Rs 1,299

Right fabric is the key

A workout wear guide is incomplete without tips on choosing the right fabric. First things first, even though cotton pieces are affordable and easily available, we say cotton is a big no. It doesn’t wick the sweat away very well and tends to get soaked when worn by people who sweat a lot, further slowing down one’s workout rate. Instead, opt for breathable fabrics like Lycra, nylon, and polyester that can soak sweat well, without getting heavy or sticking to your body. You can also go for cotton blends with polyester and spandex, they are light and airy, ensuring that you keep fresh through the workout. 

We love: Nike Sculpt Icon Clash

Priced at: Rs 4,995

Invest in quality

Given the fact that one does rigorous workouts in it, gym wear needs to be of great quality. Durability is something one needs to watch out for. Also, invest in pieces that do not shrink or wither after regular washing. Don’t opt for pieces that will push you to bleed your pockets again and again, be thoughtful in opting for a few established brands, which specialise in sports and gym wear. One rule of thumb when investing in pieces is always to stretch the fabric and check.

We love: Women’s Reebok Studio High-Intensity Crop Tank Top

Priced at: Rs 1,799

Throw in some colour 

Image: Courtesy Adidas.co.in
Image: Courtesy Adidas.co.in

Gym wear is often defined by blues, blacks and greys but infusing your workout routine with some striking hues won’t harm. Think of neons, reds, oranges and a whole spectrum of colours that you have been avoiding till date, after all, looking fun and cheerful while sweating only adds to the results by improving the grind.

We love: Women’s Adidas Running Run AZ Jacket

Priced at: Rs 6,999

Getting your footwear right

Image: Courtesy Nike.com
Image: Courtesy Nike.com

Workout wear guide is incomplete without exploring the right kind of shoes. There is science behind opting for the right kind of shoes while working out. And most often, people have varied demands, but a few general tips fit for all. In case if you lift heavy go for flat-soled shoes, veer away from those fancy thick soled ones. Flat soled shoes help you grip the ground better. If you are into cardio, go for shoes that offer ankle support and enough toe space to help you with your movements. For those aerobics fanatics, go for lightweight shoes to prevent foot fatigue.

We love: Nike Metcon 5 By You 

Priced at: Rs 12,995

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