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Editor’s picks: The greatest luxury and supersport cars we saw in 2020

As we flip the calendar on another year of extravagant motoring, we’re listing the names that made a mark. These are the best cars of 2020.

This year has put things to a near standstill, but thankfully, the digital lifestyle we live in has allowed this wheel to keep spinning. Online press conferences was a part of the new normal, people could sit on their couch and book themselves a luxury whip, over a call. Which interestingly created a new stream of sales for automakers as well. We’ve seen some big hitters, some seriously fast cars and plush chariots this year and our Gear Editor just picked out the best of them.

Best cars of 2020 – Upcoming cars

Lamborghini Huracán STO

best cars of 2020

This right here is the ultimate Huracán. Born from the track yet bred for the road, inspired by the racing heritage of the Raging Bull. The Lamborghini Huracán STO is the purest incarnation of their Squadra Corse heritage and was recently made ready for the road. All bulges and sinew, the Huracan STO’s low-slung bodywork are replete with an assortment of scoops, vents, and sharp edges. Most prominently, there’s a pair of massive ducts in the hood to direct air exiting through the radiators over the roof and across the rear wing.

Here, power comes from the 5.2-litre V-10 and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that promises the same eargasm of the Huracan Performante’s engine. You get 631-horsepower, and 443 lb-ft of torque, the only addition in this department is more responsive throttle pedals.

Hummer EV

best cars of 2020

In an interesting twist of fate, GMC decided to reincarnate their militarized GM truck which turned into an on-road and Hollywood fashion statements. It was scheduled to make a debut in the summer of 2020 but is rescheduled for a 2022 launch. It’s more about math here than muscle. The EV pick-up truck does 0-60-mph in a claimed three seconds, with three electric motors making 1000-horsepower, and notably, 11,500 lb-ft of torque. That last number is so far beyond the typical passenger-vehicle figure. You can push up to 350 miles on a full battery on a good day.

SSC Tuatara

best cars of 2020

We have a new ‘world’s fastest car’ and here it is, in all its glory. It took British racing driver Oliver Webb two attempts to get an average of 316-mph to break the record. His first attempt was 301-mph, the second, a blistering 331-mph, enough to set a record-breaking number. Apart from Webb’s expertise, the mechanical half that made this possible was the 6.9-litre Nelson Racing twin-turbocharged V8 that produced 1750-horsepower. As stated, it can do 331-mph, the greatest a production car has ever done on Earth. Not just one of the best cars of 2020 but also a true GOAT.

Land Rover Defender

best cars of 2020

This is possibly the most iconic and historic of SUVs out there, creating waves for the past 70 years ago. The Land Rover was first built in 1947 and was made in aluminium; it was loosely inspired by the World War 2 Jeep. Over the years, it was associated with military and essential services, owing to its capacity to ‘rove’ any kind of land. With an engine displacement of 1997-cc from its 2.0-litre P300 Petrol engine, it can push nearly 300-horsepower. The interior has brownie points of its own. Head over to our review to know more. Undoubtedly one of the best cars of 2020.

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

best cars of 2020

The S-Class is a quintessential presidential ride, and we all know it. When pulling-up at a red light, passers-by perceive S-Classes differently from standard Ferraris or Lambos. In fact, with some amount of respect and curiosity, thinking if you’re some lesser-known royal on their way back from the Burberry store. Breaking away from trends, here’s one sedan that doesn’t have an obnoxiously large German grille. It’s subtle, chic, and chromed. Ambient lighting is now better than ever using 263 LED lights and also an Interior Assist feat. The list of luxurious options continues with a 22-speaker top-shelf Burmester stereo system that creates “4D” sound, which means the seats vibrate to enhance the aural experience.

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

best cars of 2020

Here’s the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe M840i – a turbocharged four-door coupe that’s safe enough to take the kids to school, resting its track alter-ego. BMW reworked the 8 Series Coupe in all the right places, calibrating its torque for city sprints without compromising on style. As far as power goes for those interstate drives, the new 8 Series GC features a 3-litre turbo straight-six, producing 340-horsepower and 500-Nm of torque. The engine comes paired to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Maserati MC20

best cars of 2020

After 16 long years, the house of Maserati unveiled a supercar. The MC20 is Fiat Chrysler’s efforts in bringing the Italian auto luxury vehicle manufacturer back in the spotlight of racing and performance. Interestingly, the MC20 has a bold Maserati front, but the rest of the body looks much like a McLaren from the early 2000s. Powering the MC20 is an in-house twin-turbo, 3.0-litre V6 Nettuno engine that puts down 630-horsepower, pushing the car from 0-62 in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 202-mph. The supercar comes packed with a plethora of carbon fibre panels and a custom carbon monocoque tub developed by Dallara.

Bugatti Bolide

best cars of 2020

This right here is Bugatti’s flagship for 2020 and is so far their fastest, most powerful and lightest car. The Bolide uses a quad-turbocharged eight-litre W16 engine that produces 1,825-horsepower and weighs just about 1,240-kg. The Bolide’s figures are on par with Formula 1 cars and will continue onto a top speed that’s well above 500-km/h (approximately 310-m/h). Combined, it can lap the Nurburgring in just 5:23. Aerodynamics is the art of the painting here. The cars skeletal form intelligently channels air into the engines and to the rear to create more downforce. Being one of the best cars of 2020, it was perhaps the only Bugatti to be unveiled this year.

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Editor’s picks: The greatest luxury and supersport cars we saw in 2020

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