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Lamborghini’s new 666-HP Urus S performance-SUV takes over the throne

Lamborghini debuts the Urus S, a successor to the standard Urus that packs the track-bred Performante’s flair. New looks, a stronger engine, and more Italian suave, here’s all about it.

The Urus performance SUV is currently Lamborghini’s best-selling and most practical luxury car, and today, we see its successor roll outta’ of the Sant’Agata Bolognese sheds. Meet the Urus S, a faster, and more powerful iteration of its predecessor, in line for the throne. Also, even though it may be their new entry-level SUV title, it’s still no slouch when compared to the big-boy, ground-rumbling Performante. Bearing the same engine and producing the same grungy dose of Italian horsepower, there isn’t much that separates the two when you pop the hood. However, the new Urus S does come with plenty of bespoke feats, giving it an edge in the cosmetic department. Think of the ‘S’ as a badge for elegance. Big feat.

Lamborghini Urus S: Engine, design, interior, launch date in India

lamborghini urus s

First things first, let’s talk about that devilish guzzler. You’ll find a twin-turbo, 4.0-litre monster that produces 666 horsepower and 850-Nm of raw Italian torque, matching the output of the track-star Performante. This is paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox which sends power to all four wheels. If you thought the Urus was fast, the Urus S is even faster – It’s capable of catapulting from zero to 100 km/hour in just 3.5 seconds and the next 100 in 12.5 seconds. Top speed? 305-km/hour. Ever heard an SUV’s speedometer reach that far right? Also, if you’re pushing the breaks, you can go from 100 km/hour to a complete halt in just 33.3 meters.

lamborghini urus s

It’s interesting how, even with the same horsepower, the Lamborghini Urus S is actually positioned below the Performante. Yet, it offers many more styling options. On the outside, you’ll find a few subtle cosmetic changes like a more aggressive-looking carbon-fibre bonnet with matte black cooling vents, and a sharper front bumper with splashes of black detailing all over. This was swapped in for the dual-tone bonnet and extended roof spoiler which we miss, honestly. The Urus S is grounded by Pelope 23-inch alloy wheels.

lamborghini urus s

On the inside, it’s pretty much the same ol’ Urus but with more elegant choices in terms of materials. The shift in luxury seems to be in this stride with this iteration. The interior is an elegant play of leather and Alcantara, which is also a default trim for the Performante.

lamborghini urus s

The Lamborghini Urus currently slates in at Rs 3.15 crore in India and we’re expecting the Urus S to boast a similar price tag. We expect the new entry-level jumbo speedster to debut in India in early 2023.

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Lamborghini’s new 666-HP Urus S performance-SUV takes over the throne

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