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You can now book a brand new BMW online, here’s how

If you can’t reach the luxury lounge for a classic Beemer-purchase experience, don’t worry, the Germans will bring it to you.

Last week, we spoke about how the global auto industry is adjusting to the pandemic, but there’s one German motoring house that has adapted to this crisis. To continue their motoring service amid the lockdown, BMW India has introduced a new online programme that lets you explore, build, and book a brand new car on their website and have it delivered at your doorstep in classic Beemer style. They call it the ‘Contactless Experience’.

We’ve seen brands that offer a VR perspective of showrooms and museums from around the world to continue to deliver the experience their brand offers. But it’s always limited to the paperwork and purchase desk, which is a real bummer for those planning on purchasing a car. BMW India has managed to not only offer that but also bring the experience of purchasing a luxury car online, in an attempt to no make minimal compromises even in such tough social climates.

How does it work?

You’ll find the ‘Contactless Experience’ feature right on the homepage. But before that, we’d suggest creating a verified account first on the BMW India online store. The initial process is simply a matter of a few clicks and a quick sign up. You’ll then have to fill up a bunch of personal details such as name, contact details, address and finally, a preferred BMW model. After which, the true BMW experience begins, you can explore a plethora of luxurious German interior designs and customisation features. They make absolutely no compromise here in terms of options and features, right from the engine to the infotainment systems and from leather to paint job textures.

bmw 6 seroes

Once you’ve locked in with your preferences, you will be redirected to the BMW India online store and they’ll find you your nearest BMW boutique. Next, you’ll be requested to schedule a video call with a BMW representative to attend to further details. After which, you’ll simply have to hit the ‘Buy Online’ button. Here’s where the final stage of the process begins, the financial and legal paperwork for your new BMW. Once cleared, you’ll be notified and you’re all set to have a brand new Beemer delivered right to your house.


Here are a few details to consider: Extended waiting period due to the lockdown, finish and texture details of your interior (as you won’t be there in person to examine it), engine specifications, and financial paperwork. We’d suggest indulging in this service if you’re already familiar with the BMW models and know exactly what you’re looking for.

The BMW India ‘Contactless Experience’ is currently available at the brand’s official website.

All images: Courtesy BMW

You can now book a brand new BMW online, here’s how

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