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Up your Instagram Reels game with these 6 nifty editing apps

Vintage filters to futuristic effects and more, these are six of the best editing apps for Instagram Reels every creator needs in their arsenal.

If you’re a vlogger, influencer or an artist in today’s social media world, you already know that Instagram Reels would be your ideal weapon of choice in the content game. The 15-30 second short video is perhaps the best format to invest in for how easily it can be consumable, quick, and creative More so, it doesn’t need a studio or supercomputer setup to edit, all the ammo you need is loaded right into your smartphone and on the Instagram app. However, while most creators use the app’s inbuilt editing features and effect/filter library, it’s safe to say that there’s certainly room for more creativity.

For those looking to up the ante and add a creative twist to their content, here are some of the best editing apps for Instagram Reels on both iOS and Android.


best editing apps for Instagram reels

Let’s start off this list with an app that’s basic yet essential. Splice was around even before Reels came into the picture, but being a great editing app gives it its versatility. The app is great for cutting/clipping footage along with CC. Layer samples and piecing them all together is a smooth process, too. Even though it doesn’t have the best filters, its transition effects and visual effects are stunning. This, however, is available with the app’s pro subscription, but it’s definitely worth it.


best editing apps for Instagram reels

When it comes to visual effects, filters and or graphics, Prequel is undoubtedly one of the best editing apps for Instagram Reels. We’ve actually been using the app for a while now and interestingly, every time we’ve opened the app, we see new filters and effects added to their library. Even without their Pro subscription, you have so many features to experiment with. You can also use the app for CC, light adjustment but not clipping or piecing together samples. This one goes all out, but only on a single sample.

Clips by Apple

best editing apps for Instagram reels

This, of course, is an Apple exclusive. Clips is a by-the-book editing app. It’s fuss-free, to the point and efficient. It’s actually super basic in our opinion but for those not looking for software too complex, this might be the one. Clips allow you to add in-house Apple filters, add text bubbles, stickers, and emojis.


best editing apps for Instagram reels

Whether you’re looking for 90s effects or futuristic tints for your videos, Filto is the one supplying it. Calling itself an ‘all-in-one’ video editor when it comes to aesthetics, Filto offers a plethora of cool filters and even allows you to play with audio. You can even experiment with dynamic emojis, pop art and neon motifs. The Pro pack unlocks a world with more features. Check it out.


best editing apps for Instagram reels

We know Reels is a video format, but every now and then, we see trends that focus more on still images instead of video. This one is for that. RetroCam, as the name suggests is a lens from the 90s that lets you see the world in its own time. It uses visual effects and filters, all presets, to bring out various moods. Sure, this one can only edit images but it’s definitely a great editing tool to have ready in your arsenal.

VN Video Editor

Meet VN Video Editor, a true professional’s tool in the content creation game. Trust me when I say, this app has it all. However, even while being such a hefty editing tool, it boasts a very user-friendly interface not making you feel like you’ve entered jargon. It offers colour and lighting curve adjustment, filter tuning, picture-in-picture features and video play effects too like zoom and reverse. More so, you can even create a template for later use. The app also allows you to play with texts and fonts. Finally, all of this is in 4K glory. Undoubtedly, one f the best editing apps for Instagram Reels.

All images: Courtesy respective apps.

Up your Instagram Reels game with these 6 nifty editing apps

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