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Elon Musk is ‘seriously considering’ building a new social media platform

Elon Musk teased the possibility of creating a whole new social media platform, claiming Twitter doesn’t adhere to free speech rights. He asked his followers to vote.

Tesla and SpaceX chief, Elon Musk is evidently upset with the way social media companies run their platforms, especially Twitter. After a series of tweets, he actually sees considering creating a new social media platform. For Musk, it’s his desire to constantly create and innovate that leads him to new business ventures. However, this time, this seems to be in response to an irk. While he’s quite chirpy on Twitter on the daily, he recently tweeted about his frustration due to the platform’s policies regarding free speech.

Elon Musk: New social media platform, Twitter

Accompanying the poll, he tweeted “Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy, Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?” A majority of 70% of his followers voted ‘NO’ while 30% hit the YES option as Musk adds a seemingly thoughtful comment, “Is a new platform needed?” He also tweeter “Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done?” followed by “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully.” There’s no active action from the vote but given the fact that Musk always follows through and delivers, could this actually be a possibility?

I’ll agree, this is a long shot, but it will be interesting to see what Musk cooks up if actually does decide to go ahead with the idea. We’re just hoping this doesn’t end up like Donald Trump’s gimmicky Truth Social. However, while all this does sound fun, Musk actually spotlights a real issue. Social media companies, stating that they’re private organizations, believe that they control what’s allowed and what isn’t on their platform. Which, in terms of viewer discretion and user safety, is an absolute win, and in some way, is the platform’s right to choose what to, and what not to host. Musk believes there’s a flip side to this, which, violates a user’s free speech rights. In a recent video by YouTuber Dave Lee, a comment poured in by another user, “It’s not something he just should do, I think it’s something he has to do.’

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Elon Musk is ‘seriously considering’ building a new social media platform

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