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Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: All about the NFT club launched by Bored Ape Yacht Club teammate

For anyone remotely interested in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the name Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) would ring a bell. Riding high on its success, one of the talented artists from BAYC started a similar club — the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) — in September 2021.

For the uninitiated, BAYC is a collection of NFTs featuring apes in various funky styles, accessories and props that have stirred the internet like no other. Launched in April 2021, BAYC has seen a rise in market cap and value which only a few NFT projects have seen. Such is their renown that celebrities like Justin Beiber, Eminem and Snoop Dogg have flocked to buy these ape NFTs too.

However, a newer entrant in the NFT space has something edgier to offer. Taking the motif of bloodthirsty eternal vampires, the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate has created a collection of NFTs with their unique attributes and features. Funky and bright to more sinister-looking vampires and vampiresses make the club that has been grabbing all the attention of crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

Here’s everything we know about the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT project

What is Sneaky Vampire Syndicate?

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
Image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ Instagram

In the present times, the line between physical and digital artworks is blurring with the help of technology. For instance, the BAYC apes sport unique features like smoking cigars and laser ray eyes, which are valued at thousands of dollars because of their rarity. Such innovative creations have taken NFT artworks to a whole new level.

Coming to the realm of the dead, NFT creators have taken to the myth of vampires, who, according to folklore, would sneak out only at night and hunt. However, these vampires can reside freely and live their best life in ‘The Lair,’ which is in the metaverse, away from the scorching daylight and the prying eyes of pesky vampire hunters.

According to its official website, the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is “a collection of 8,888 sneaky vampires, 12,345 sneaky vampiresses and sneaky bats.” From a golden vampire with a pirate eye patch to a funky one with headphones and laser eyes, each vampire has individual traits. According to CoinGecko, as of the day of writing, a total of 8,887.0 SVS NFTs have been minted, and they are held by 2,600 unique holders.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate team

The project is the brainchild of BAYC artist Mig. At SVS, he lends the ‘walking dead’ a cooler vibe as an artist as well. The team of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate consists of other co-founders — Topkek as project head, 2D Vamp as admin, Ryan as manager, Woof as lead developer and Freddy as another developer.

The combination of Mig and Woof’s expertise has been serving as a massive boost to the popularity of SVS since its inception.

How does the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate community work?

Sneaky vampire NFT
Image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ @SVSNFT/ Twitter

In the first week of its launch, SVS saw huge success. More than 10,300 ETH in trading volume, 2.4ETH floor price and over 40,000 organic members on Discord by 20 September 2021 made SVS one of the most-traded NFT project on OpenSea.

Members get a truckload of opportunities and perks on buying an SVS NFT. Vampire holders can join their family and kin in the metaverse while enjoying access to exclusive video games. They can use the utility $BLOOD token to enter Alpha Whitelist Raffles as well. The SVS Alpha unlocks many opportunities for verified SVS NFT owners like presale spots and free minting. Previously, this was available only via Discord, but now all SVS owners can use $BLOOD to enter the alpha spot.

Additionally, SVS raffles half of the whitelist spots received through projects, and these are funded by the $BLOOD token. This token is used to mint the Generation 2 NFT collection — Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate. The $BLOOD utility token doesn’t have any monetary value but can be acquired by buying stakes in SVS.

That is not all. The community of sneaky vampires will be expanded to enter its third generation when the Generation 1 sneaky vampires and Generation 2 sneaky vampiresses come together to mate. One has to stay tuned to stand witness to what is going to come.

Another use of this utility token is to lay hands on the pixilated versions of your sneaky vampires. These pixilated reincarnations of the NFTs can be bought for 100 $BLOOD and once claimed, they cannot be claimed again.

Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate

Sneaky vampiress syndicate
Image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ medium

In an attempt to expand the vampire lair and get a better grip on the NFT space, a collection of female vampires seemed a way forward for the SVS founders. In February 2022, they launched the Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate. These vampiresses live their best life in the lair, waiting to find their vampire partner.

“The base price for a Vampiress is 0.16 ETH, however, this can be reduced by up to 50% by utilising the $BLOOD token,” states the SVS website.

Once they are bought by a vampire holder, these vampiresses can perform the ‘Blood Pact.’ Wondering what that is all about? Well, once the Blood Pact is released, “Vampiresses will be able to ‘perform a ritual’ with their Vampire counterparts in order to produce,” explains an SVS blog. Meanwhile, Sneaky Bats holders will be able to add them to “increase trait carryover between the Vampire & Vampiresses!” The $BLOOD token will become an integral part of the Blood Pact mechanics.

Weaving a dark yet captivating roadmap and storyline for the crypto space, SVS links all its NFT collections in quite a seamless way. The minting of a vampiress by a vampire makes them a ‘perfect pair.’

Now, if a ‘perfect pair’ performs the Blood Pact, they are entitled to several benefits. The pair can enjoy a 50 percent cost reduction on the ritual as well as get a 50 percent “cool down timer for the ritual compared to what it originally would have been,” reads the SVS blog. But, one has to hang in there to see what the resulting outcome of the Blood Pact will be like.

Sneaky Bat Syndicate

Sneaky bat syndicate
Image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ Instagram

Another NFT collection under the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is the Sneaky Bat Syndicate, comprising 8,297 bats. From cute and fuzzy to blood-dripping bats and those that can fly, they come in various sizes and forms.

According to OpenSea, “The Bats are the Sneaky Vampires’ official companions, claimed for only gas at a 1:1 holder rate to match their owner back in October 2021!” It further adds, “While Vampires earn 3/$BLOOD/Day via staking, their Bat Companions earn 1/$BLOOD/Day – $BLOOD being at the centre of the SVS Ecosystem.”

These bats are highly suspicious of the female vampires, as they believe that the latter is after their blood and life. But what could give rise to such a thought is what remains a mystery.

What makes Sneaky Vampire Syndicate unique in the NFT space?

Image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ @SVSNFT/ Twitter

With a floor price of 0.25 ETH or USD 290.61 and a market cap of 2,221.75 ETH or USD 2,582,631.12 at the time of writing the article as per CoinGecko, the SVS project has made a unique mark for itself in the crypto space.

The syndicate advocates stakeholding for NFT collectors and highlights real-world advertising. With signs put up at Times Square, The Netherlands and Hague and vans with their logo at the same spot, the company had a solid start. The growth and a strong base of the company were evident when the community surpassed 45,000 members even before the NFTs were launched. Nonetheless, to ensure a smooth launch and minting process for collectors and prevent whaling and gas wars, the company also set up anti-bot systems.

SVS is also embracing the concept of provably fair metadata. According to coinmarketcap, “All of the metadata of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is generated through a fully immutable seed combined with a random weighted general through the on-chain block hash of a transaction sent from the deployer wallet to itself.”

The SVS script is open-source, and that helps in keeping the ecosystem transparent and including all in its workings. The $Blood Bank is a concept developed for this purpose. It is essentially a community wallet where the members will be able to view how the SVS team uses funds and proceeds.

SVS banks a lot on collaborations as well and often partners with NFT communities and metaverses like 888 The Inner Circle, Wilder World and Sandbox.

(Main and feature image: Courtesy Sneaky Vampire Syndicate/ Instagram)

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: All about the NFT club launched by Bored Ape Yacht Club teammate

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