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Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class shows how compact electric sedans can also be cool

Even though Tesla pioneered the electric car segment, it is Mercedes Benz that’s making these cars desirable. The engineers and designers at Mercedes have displayed exemplary craftsmanship in recently announced EVs like the EQS, EQE and EQB. These cars, however, cost a fortune and most young buyers have been wanting similar experiences at a more accessible price, similar to what Mercedes has been offering with the A-Class hatchbacks and sedans. Cue the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class which was unveiled at the 2023 Munich Auto Show.

The CLA-Class, lately known as the A-Class Limousine, has always been the entry-level sedan from Mercedes, offering the quintessential luxurious car experience in a compact and accessible package. With the advent of electric propulsion, Mercedes Benz now reimagines the compact sedan infused with all of the latest gizmos and interior design trends in the automotive sector. The Concept CLA-Class is the first of many body styles based on the MMA platform, with two crossovers and a station wagon planned for later launches.

So, in case you are interested in finding out more about the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class, here’s everything you need to know.

Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class specifications

Its design looks uber cool

The entire bunch of electric cars from Mercedes Benz looks like a preview of the future, with swoopy aerodynamic profiles and fluidic design elements. With the Concept CLA-Class, Mercedes has tried something different. Instead of the familiar connected tail lamps and headlights, the Concept CLA-Class takes inspiration from retro styling, especially for the front fascia. An illuminated bonnet line flanked by retro-styled circular LED headlamps with the ‘three-pointed star’ detailing is the showstopper here.

mercedes-benz concept cla-class
Image Credits: Courtesy Mercedes Benz

If that wasn’t enough, Mercedes has also borrowed the iconic large radiator grille from the AMG GT and SL roadster models and changed the grille elements with LED lights. Talk about a commanding road presence.

A similar design theme continues on to the rear with circular tail lamps and the ‘three-pointed star’ detailing. The side profile is reminiscent of the Mercedes Benz EQE sedan with its swoopy coupe-esque roofline. However, it’s the long bonnet and the short stubby boot that give the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class its distinct identity.

Equally fabulous interiors

In typical Mercedes fashion, the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class interiors try to bring an all-digital cockpit experience in a neo-retro minimalist package. While some of those gaudy elements like the illuminated trims on the centre console and doors are purely built for the concept, the rest of the interiors can make it to the production model. We want Mercedes Benz to retain the Superscreen dashboard running the MB.OS operating system and the rest of the ambient lighting that promotes the airiness of the cabin.

mercedes-benz concept cla-class
Image Credits: Courtesy Mercedes Benz

It’s also our heartfelt plea to Mercedes Benz to make those unique-looking AC vents happen, complete with the circular ring showing the temperature within.

Other than all the cool technology, the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class uses sustainable materials to help the good old polar bear live happily in the Arctic. The seats and dash trims are made from Nappa leather tanned with coffee husks. The accent fabric is made out of PET plastics and the floor mats are made out of bamboo fibre.

Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class: Does it run?

Unlike most concept cars, the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class has a working drivetrain, rated to produce 235hp. That’s not a lot of power on offer but then again, the Concept CLA is a compact sedan designed for the urban environment. Mercedes says that its 800V electrical architecture allows for 250kW DC fast charging, which translates to gaining 400km of range in just 15 minutes. When fully charged, the Concept CLA-Class can go all the way up to 750km before needing a top-up.

mercedes-benz concept cla-class
Image Credits: Courtesy Mercedes Benz

Though performance figures are still under wraps, Mercedes Benz will allow buyers to choose between two battery technologies. The most pocket-friendly option will use the lithium-ion phosphate chemistry while the silicon-oxide anode chemistry will be suitable for those seeking a higher energy density battery for better range.

The Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class is yet to get a price tag but given everything we’ve seen, it won’t be long before this car is parked in showrooms near you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class?
The Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class gets an 800V electric architecture capable of doing 250kW DC fast charging. It can get up to 400km of range in 15 minutes and is rated to go up to 750km on a single charge. The electric motors produce 235hp.

– What is the price of the Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class?
The Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class is a concept car at the moment and Mercedes hasn’t announced its price yet.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Mercedes Benz

This story first appeared on Augustman India.

Mercedes Benz Concept CLA-Class shows how compact electric sedans can also be cool

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