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Vegan condoms to AI orgasms: 6 sexual wellness brands to check out by women entrepreneurs

It’s 2022, and sexual wellness technology is growing leaps and bounds. This International Women’s Day, we look at 6 such sexual wellness and toy brands by women entrepreneurs.

The sexual health and wellness industry has always been a hush-hush affair in India, especially when it comes to women taking the charge. But these women have not only broken the stigma, but they have also launched their brands to bridge the data gap related to female pleasure and the lack of research related to women’s sexual health.

If you must, check out 6 sexual wellness and toy brands by women entrepreneurs that come with pleasure and perspective.

Sexual wellness and toy brands by women entrepreneurs

The Salad Org by Aruna Chawla

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We cannot emphasise enough the importance of safe sex. Aruna Chawla has taken it one step ahead by launching her vegan condom brand, Salad. If you’re wondering what vegan condoms are, they are ultra-thin condoms made from natural rubber latex sourced from the various rubber forests in India in a sustainable way. These condoms are fragrance-free with no artificial flavouring or harmful chemicals and have been tested for utmost safety. Even their packaging comes in recycled and recyclable brown boxes. At a time when most contemporary condom brands do not disclose their ingredients, Aruna Chawla wanted to keep her products transparent and informative, advocating for safe sex and communicative sex education.

Bleü by Komal Baldwa

Sexual wellness women

Hyderabad-based Bleü by Komal Baldwa was India’s first vegan condom brand. It aimed to educate women not just about enhanced pleasure but also about their sexual health. Telling what they should be putting in their bodies and whatnot, Bleü condoms are non-toxic, made of recycled latex from pesticide-free trees. So, they are not only good for you and your partner but the planet, too. They are also lactose-intolerance-friendly. The best part? Komal Baldwa has built a brand associated with NGOs to work towards AIDS prevention, and the brand employs women! So, we have a sexual wellness brand for women and by the women.

That Sassy Thing by Sachee Malhotra

Sexual wellness women

This brand was specifically designed with “humans with vaginas in mind”. And if this has got you hooked, there’s more you need to know about this brand and the woman entrepreneur who made it happen. Sachee Malhotra, through her brand, aims to make women bolder, more fierce, and no longer keep their sexual health under wraps. It’s a digital-first sexual and menstrual wellness brand with a range of products to offer. From a pH-balanced lube to the pubic hair oil — you will find it all. Since this is a women-led brand, we finally have products that are understood and created by women.

Lioness by Anna Lee


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Ever heard of a smart sex toy that uses AI to record your orgasms? Anna Lee has made it possible with her brand, Lioness. In simple words, it’s a Fitbit for your orgasms. It comes with sensors that record tension to detect arousal and orgasm, your body temperature when you put it in and take it out, and the motion to keep track of how you’re using the toy on your body. It connects to an app, where it records your masturbation session on a chart. So, you can now study your orgasms!

Quinn by Caroline Spiegel

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If you take the visuals out of porn, what are you left with? That is the entire theory behind Quinn, an audio porn site by Caroline Spiegel. Introducing imagination to adult entertainment, this woman entrepreneur’s idea is revolutionary for the industry. In an interview with TechCrunch, Caroline explained, “There’s no visual content on the site — just audio and written stories. And the whole thing is open-source, so people can submit content and fantasies, et cetera. Everything is vetted by us before it goes on the site.” Caroline Spiegel built this brand with a three-woman team of her best friends from Stanford.

MyMuse by Anushka Gupta

A bold brand by a fierce woman, MyMuse is all about high quality, well-designed products for your intimate spaces. Co-founder Anushka Gupta aims to break through the taboo of sex conversations and the shame of the infamous plastic bags from pharmacists that hide women’s sexuality and pleasure. MyMuse is all about making intimacy fun and flirty, easy and approachable for women. Its products are divided into three categories — Mood, Play, Give — so there’s something for everyone. They also have intimacy kits: Mood Setter, Grand Gesture and Date Night!

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Vegan condoms to AI orgasms: 6 sexual wellness brands to check out by women entrepreneurs

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