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The new Fujifilm X100V might be the best camera for street photography

The iconic street photography camera is back — but is it here to stay? Fujifilm’s first high-end camera, which really established a particular shooting style, and was recognised as a premium compact digital camera, is back with a bang. Meet the new evolution of the X100 Series, boasting functions like never before.

The fifth installment of the Fujifilm’s X 100 line of cameras comes with a fixed 23mm lens, but there’s a plot twist here. The new edition features the brand’s iconic X-Trans image sensor with a colour-reproduction technology that flaunts premium-quality images to satisfy our soul. Fixed lens with fixed focal length? That’s what we really love about this new edition.

It also comes with an aperture of F2.0 so we could control the exposure just the way we like. Whilst this compact camera is aimed for casual photographers who love landscape and street photography, it does have a premium offering that makes it very superior compared to other series.

What’s new about this edition?

Consider it the most unique viewfinder you could be using. The Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder inter-switches between optical and electronic options, depending on your photography style with a “shooting through the viewfinder” feature. For the very first time, Fujifilm presents a weather-proof feature, two-way tilting LCD touchscreen, and a new hybrid viewfinder.


Sophistication. Class. Retro. These are the things that came to mind when we first set our gaze over this new treasure.

Whilst there is a pinch of vintage from 1950s analog cameras, it’s also very contemporary and stylish. The Fujifilm X100V has a top and bottom that is made from single pieces of aluminum, while the aluminate satin coating on the camera’s sleek body make it easier to grip. The two-way tilting rear LCD monitor makes low and high angle shots look even sleeker, and as for the ISO setting, Fujifilm X100V has a built-in ISO dial which allows us to adjust the settings without even having to turn the camera on. The outer rim of the dial allows you to lock at your convenience.

The Fujifilm X100V will be available in two versions, the Silver model and Black model, too.

The Flip Screen

With the attractive new flip screen, Fujifilm fulfils that modern photography aspect that we always wished we had with the previous editions. Whilst it’s similar to other Fujifilm flip screens, for this one it’s very natural to flip it as it just requires a small pull.

Weather Resistance

A double layer of protection is always a godsend, because we can never be too careful with a camera. This optional add-on can be essential for those who take street photography to another level — like when you are out and about on the fields finding the perfect shot. Luckily, if you feel that you don’t require it, you are not bound to carry that extra weight of protection. This way, it keeps the design compact and sleek and makes it the ideal ‘everyday’ camera that’s travel-friendly, too.

New image sensor

A slight jump of improvement from the X100F that had a 24-megapixel sensor, the new X100V comes with a new image sensor that uses the same Fujifilm X-Trans technology, but now with a click of 26-megapixel images. There’s no doubt that this just got bigger and better.

FUJIFILM X100V features

4K videos with a range of shooting functions

If you’ve been aiming to film videos with 1080p resolution, then you would be surprised that the X100V comes with the ability to record 4K videos with up to 30 frames per second. Fujifilm’s latest edition can record videos with 120 frames per second to create slow-motion effects. The Eterna mode, stimulates the colours and tonality of the motion picture film that allows us to record video in subdued and rich shadow tones. The camera offers a total of 17 Film Simulation modes which adds versatility to tonal variations.

From panning to tilting the video, expect to see smooth and sharp Full HD videos with this new family member. To shake things up, we’ve also got some distinctive filters like Monochromatic Colour and Colour Chrome Effect to get some creativity flowing.

What’s there not to love about this camera? No wonder, the camera royalty is revered for all its opulent qualities. We might be lying if we said this camera doesn’t promise the best shooting experience for street photography, and of course, filming too. Fujifilm X100V brings a sense of excitement to all photography enthusiasts out there, whether you are just a beginner or a professional.

Fujifilm X100V is already available in the market, priced at Rs 99,600 (approx).

For more information, visit Fujifilm.

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The new Fujifilm X100V might be the best camera for street photography

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