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Travel, as an idea, is rapidly changing. With social media and connectivity flooding our feeds and minds with images of picturesque places in far corners of the world, travel today has become about experiencing one-of-a-kind, new things. It is no longer just about visiting a popular place and seeing the landmarks there, but heading to a destination or trying an experience that stands out because it is novel. With that in mind, we looked for the greatest, most interesting travel experiences that you can sign up for right away. Here’s a list every intrepid traveller will love.

Private Island Experiences

Greatest travel experiences

Love nature? Gift yourself a slice of heaven away with Docastaway. Docastaway plans luxury desert island experiences mostly in Indonesia and the Philippines. Ideal for those who love solitude, you can opt for a wild, survival-esque experience or a romantic getaway that allows you to explore these beautiful islands before they disappear.

Price range: Rs 14,000/day onwards

Rickshaw Run India

Rickshaw run Sri Lanka

Have you really travelled if you haven’t embarked upon a journey to traverse the length and breadth of India? As maddening and overwhelming as that sounds, it is possible. London-based The Adventurists is on a mission to make this world less boring, and they are doing it in a good ol’ 145cc rickshaw. Yes, that means travelling all over the country is the humble tuk-tuk. The Adventurists also offer this adventure in Sri Lanka. Take three friends (or how many ever you can fit in a rickshaw) and ride through this beautiful island nation.

Price range: Rs 1.76 lakh (approx) per package for India; Rs 1.58 lakh (approx) per package for Sri Lanka

The Yacht Week

greatest travel experiences, the yacht week

If you water babies are looking for something wild this summer, then The Yacht Week could be the answer. Started in 2006, The Yacht Week plans luxury stays on a rented yacht in Greece, Croatia, Caribbean, and Montenegro for a week. It includes stop-over parties, festivals, volcano hikes, staged-at-the-sea parties, and more. One can also book their private photographer and spend seven days in heaven at some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet.

Price range: Rs 65,000 (approx) per person, depending on the destination

Vacation with an Artist

greatest travel experiences, vacation with an artist

Millennials are all about collaboration, not competition. In this age of on-field learning, Vacation with an Artist is your one-stop shop to learn different art forms with registered artists from around the globe. Book mini apprenticeships according to your budget and destination. Travelling and learning – a win-win indeed.

Price range: varies from artist to art forms

On a cruise with Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood Adventure Canada
Authors Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson in Iceland, on Adventure Canada’s 2018 Iceland Circumnavigation.

This one is for people residing in Canada or travelling to Canada in 2020 (plan now!). Adventure Canada has rolled out its latest itinerary with literary genius Margaret Atwood. The 12-day expedition begins in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and ends in Nova Scotia, the prime spots for exploring whale and marine wildlife. It lifts anchor on June 15, 2020. Book your spot now for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Price range: Rs 1.81 lakh (approx.)

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