The diving spots in Malaysia are well-known for their reefs that they been named one of the top five scuba diving destinations in the world. And the fact that the country is 4-hour flight away just adds to the charm, if you are a beginner hoping to crack the diving code. Now that you have no excuse but to get your diving certificates done right it means that you must explore Malaysia in all it’s diving glory through it’s wonderful beaches. Want one that’s just a few hours’ drive away from the capital? Pick any within the Peninsula Malaysia. Want somewhere a little further from the action, something discerning? Sabah is your best bet.

Before you make your way to these diving spots, ensure that you have a diving license first. If you have not gotten one yet, you need to get a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification at an accredited school before you begin diving. It’s important so that you understand the basic safety rules of diving. It may look like a carefree sport, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed once you are underwater.

Once you’ve gotten your accreditation, it’s time to check out these diving spots in Malaysia.