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Lost civilisations aren’t measured as much by their rulers and empires as they are by the rich cultural history they leave behind. It is this heritage that compels travellers to explore far and beyond destinations. After hosting years of expeditions for noted archaeologists, AlUla in Saudi Arabia is one such place that is waiting to be uncovered. Located in northwestern Saudi Arabia and 300 km north of the holy city of Medina, AlUla is Saudi Arabia’s newest gem that attempts to unveil 7,000 years of human history.

Home to the kingdom’s first-ever UNESCO world heritage site, Hegra or Al-Hijr, AlUla’s rich history dates to the pre-historic times when it was the key city of the ancient Dadanite and Lihyanite kingdoms. Attempts to boost tourism in AlUla started in 2018 with Winter at Tantora, Saudi Arabia’s three-month cultural festival, and even though the town will officially open to the public from October 2020 onwards, visitors can still enjoy the best of its surreal sepia-toned beauty before that through Winter at Tantora‘s second edition, which begins December 19, 2019, and will continue till March 7, 2020.

But for now, indulge in these awe-inducing pictures of AlUla, the hottest destination on our radar for 2020.

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Photo essay: Breathtaking AlUla, the hottest new destination in Saudi Arabia
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