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Hyderabad for Gemini or Mumbai for Leo? The ideal city for you based on your zodiac

Zodiac signs determine a person’s most dominant personality traits. And certain destinations across the country might complement the characteristics of your sign and help you thrive. Here’s where you should live, based on the position of the planets when you were born.

In addition to considering rent rates, transportation facilities, and the general vibe of a place, a fun way to narrow down on the best city to settle down in is by factoring in zodiac signs. Who knows, the ideal city for you might really be written in the stars.

These cities in India complement your zodiac sign

Capricorn: Bengaluru

Hard-working and ambitious, Capricorns need to stay busy and feel motivated through the week. This makes Bengaluru perfect for the sign. Several news reports place the city amongst the world’s most favourable ecosystems to build a globally successful startup and the entrepreneurial vibe of Bengaluru matches a Capricorns’ zeal to work their way to the top.

A city of immigrants, Bengaluru has a melting pot of cultures that allows the mountain goat to network. It also has no dearth of affluent neighbourhoods and spacious homes for luxury-loving Capricorns to build a home. In addition to all of this, Bengaluru has several parks and serene lakes with trekking spots and glamping destinations just a drive away for the earth sign to feel connected with its element.

Aquarius: Kolkata

Connoisseurs of art, literature, and culture, people born under Aquarius need a city that can accept their revolutionary take on the world while also offering them plenty of artistic inspiration. Kolkata, with its grand colonial architecture, avant-garde art and music scene, and literary history is an ideal spot for them to explore the depths of their creative endeavours.

The cultural festivities of the city are grand and bring families together, which is the perfect way for community-loving Aquarius to stay engaged. Besides, the cosmopolitan city is known to embrace non-conformity, welcoming all thoughts and ideas with open arms, which complements the individualistic, independent zeal that Aquarius comes with. And for the times when this zodiac sign needs a bit of romance, there’s nothing better than a moonlit boat ride at Princep Ghat.

Pisces: Port Blair

Pisces are gentle, imaginative, and romantics at heart. They often have their heads in the clouds and are intrigued by beauty. The water sign is drawn to the ocean and can’t do with disharmony.

Port Blair perfectly compliments their laidback, peace-loving personalities. The city has great weather throughout the year and is home to stunning landscapes, with sandy beaches and verdant trees that will rejuvenate the sign. The colourful marine life will fuel this sign’s creative bent of mind and their curiosity for history and old-world monuments will be fulfilled by the many museums and historic spots that the city has. Port Blair also has several stunning seaside restaurants and weekend island hopping options that are romantic and adventurous at the same time.

Aries: Delhi

Aries have a sort of fierce determination that few other signs can match. These natural leaders thrive in challenging environments and need to be kept on their toes to thrive. The capital city of Delhi is one of the only places in the country that can meet the drive of an Aries. Between the bustling nightlife, a throng of cultural spots, range of shopping markets, and variety of restaurants, there’s no dearth of exciting things to discover.

The city is also home to people from across the globe, ideal for fire signs who are known to have an eclectic group of friends. In addition to this, Delhi is the centre of bizarre food experiments that only Aries would be adventurous enough to try. The capital city also embraces all things bold and boisterous, which is right up this zodiac sign’s alley.

Taurus: Pune

This earth sign is ruled by Venus and, hence, values beauty and comfort. Taurus is also grounded and doesn’t particularly enjoy loud, chaotic environments. Pune is the best of both worlds for this earth sign, it’s just far enough from the chaos and hustle of Mumbai to offer a sense of calm to a Taurus, but close enough to conduct business and other important work.

Nestled in the Sahyadris, the city offers the sign a means to escape into the hills and stay in touch with its element when needed. It’s also surrounded by dense forests and their beauty along with the ever-pleasant weather and a host of recreational spots, hiking trails, and glamping destinations would fulfil the outdoorsy Taurus. Pune has a throng of cafes, fine dining restaurants, and street food spots with innovative new dishes for the foodie Taurus to savour as well.

Gemini: Hyderabad

This air sign enjoys learning and is both social and adaptable. Geminis are often spontaneous and can tap into different aspects of their personalities to cater to different people or situations.

Hyderabad’s old-world charm contrasts with its metropolitan vibe. You could go from sipping Irani chai in a hole in the wall in the old city in the morning to knocking back several shots in a swanky pub in the evening. This gives Geminis plenty of room to explore their duality. The city’s large lineup of museums and monuments will satiate the air sign’s need to learn. Geminis are also big shoppers and will find great bargains at the traditional, local bazaars in the city. In addition to this, Hyderabad is a melting pot of different cultures, and the range of street food and cultural celebrations allows the sign to get a taste of every one of them.

Cancer: Gangtok

Zodiac sign: Cities in India

Highly intuitive and sensitive Cancers do well in more laid back cities as opposed to fast-paced, densely populated ones. This water sign is big on family and tends to be drawn to places that have lakes or rivers. This zodiac sign prefers places with financial and emotional security.

Gangtok’s laidback lifestyle is complemented by serene, lush landscapes. Those who live here often wake up to stunning views of Mount Kanchenjunga and head to high-altitude lakes every other weekend. Locals often know each other and many grow vegetables in their backyards. The city is also an important centre of Buddhism and has many monasteries to visit. These factors will make a Cancer feel safe and motivate them to live out their cottagecore aesthetic. A visit to a waterfall with a quick swim in its waters might be the water sign’s favourite pastime while here.

Leo: Mumbai

Zodiac sign: Cities in India

Known for their dominant, fiery personalities, Leos are drawn to leadership positions wherever they go. To succeed, they’d need to be in a city that gives them the opportunity to sit right at the top. This sign’s natural charisma often leads to a career in the arts, particularly acting. Mumbai, the home of Bollywood and the city known for making dreams come true, is where Leos thrive.

Factors like overpopulation and fast-paced lifestyles might deter some earth and water signs, but Leo would see it as an opportunity to garner more attention or make connections to get closer to their goals. The city has every amenity that the luxury-loving sign would need and the city’s nightlife, diverse culture, and unique dining scene will sell it to the go-getter Leo.

Virgo: Chandigarh

Zodiac sign: Cities in India

The planners and perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgo’s approach life with a sort of focus that few others can match. They will, hence, appreciate Chandigarh’s neatly divided sectors and well-landscaped sections. This sign appreciates beauty and luxury, which the city provides in spades through its abundant parks and shopping centres.

Chandigarh is also an educational hub which makes it a good place to settle in if you plan to raise kids, something that the practical, family-oriented earth sign would consider. In addition to this, the fact that the city isn’t too noisy, surrounded by lush trees, and is clean and efficient would appeal to a Virgo.

Libra: Udaipur

Zodiac sign: Cities in India

People born under this zodiac sign wear their hearts on their sleeves and seek harmony and balance. They appreciate art in all its forms and are drawn to all things fashionable. The city of lakes would help them tap into their romantic sides and its peaceful, laid back vibe will appeal to this air sign.

The sign will never tire of the city’s galleries, historical monuments, and rich cultural cuisine. They’re also known to enjoy theatre and might stop to watch every street play or musical performance that they come across. The city’s beauty will appeal to the aesthetic-loving Libras and the absence of the hustle-culture that bigger cities are known for will put them at ease.

Scorpio: Goa

Intense, intelligent, and adventurous Scorpios are drawn to places that are melting pots of different cultures. This sign enjoys the prospect of a night out with friends just as much as a day spent exploring historical monuments.

Goa’s bustling nightlife, museums, art scene, and innumerable historical monuments, temples, and churches will leave this curious water sign with enough to discover and unearth what secrets the region holds. The idea of a sunset or sunrise at a pristine, sandy beach will appeal to their romantic sides. There’s always something going on in Goa and that along with the throng of people that head here will satiate their need for connection and stimulating conversations. On weekends, you’ll find them heading to the ocean for a quick dive or swim so they can reconnect with their element.

Sagittarius: Leh

Zodiac sign: Cities in India

Nomadic at heart, this fire sign is driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure. Leh in Ladakh is perhaps one of the very few places that will feed their need for excitement. The challenging terrain and weather might deter most other signs, but this fire sign would consider it thrilling, rising to every occasion. Saggitarius enjoys being in nature, travelling, and trekking. And between the lush, magical landscapes, towering mountains, and a host of adventure spots, the opportunities for that are endless in Leh.

The region is also known for its cultural diversity, historical sculptures, and geographical marvels that are unique to the region, which will intrigue the intelligent fire sign. People who live here are known to lead simple lives and often move around to escape the harsh weather. Free-spirited and accommodative Sagittarius will easily settle in here and wouldn’t mind packing up all bags and moving when they need to.

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Eshita Srinivas

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