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Set to take place from March 7 to 15, 2020, The Meghalayan Age Festival aims to showcase a Meghalaya you never knew before.

The Meghalayan Age Festival traverses culture, adventure, history, food, luxury, and raw nature. Taking you through the stunning landscapes and rich traditions of the North-East state, the festival seeks to bring you closer to the bounty of nature (going beyond it being one of the wettest places on earth) while in the lap of luxury. And in all of this, sustainability isn’t lost.

The Megahlayan Age Fest
Living Root Bridge Riwai near Mawlynnong

Whether you’re an adventure traveller or a leisure seeker, there’s something for everyone at The Meghalayan Age Festival. Here’s what to look forward to at this week-long celebration.


The Megahlayan Age Fest
Siju Cave

A cave network of over 500 kms, 1,700 discovered and 1,000 explored caves—it’s safe to say that Meghalaya is home to one of the world’s most extensive cave networks. Not only that, the northeastern state also boasts of the world’s longest cave in sandstone and the world’s largest species of cave fish.

Inside these natural wonders, you can partake in canyoning and waterfall rappelling. Spread across the state, the Garo Hills host one of the most renowned caves—Siju. It has an imposing entrance, inhabited by bats, and a network of rivers and streams running across it. Other regions that are a must for your caving experience are the Jaintia Hills, Sohra, Sutnga, and Mawsynram. There are also many vertical caves, with shafts as deep as 100m. If you’re a caving enthusiast or have never gone caving before, this variety and extensive nexus of caves will prove to be an ideal experience.

Hot Air Ballooning

The Megahlayan Age Fest

Known for its cotton clouds and lush green fields, Meghalaya makes for a serene view when up in the air. At the festival, you can take a morning flight to soak in the pristine vistas for an hour. And in the evening, there are tethered balloons, where you can enjoy mingling with the local tribal communities. While the hot air balloons loom above with a subtle colourful glow, on ground you can shop for heirlooms from the rural bazaar and savour traditional food, and make merry as the evening gains momentum.

Look, eat, repeat

The Megahlayan Age Fest

Kayaking, cliff jumping, snorkeling, and scuba diving are just few of the water sports you can indulge in at Shnongpdeng region of the state. While it’s a sin here to miss on the wettest place on earth—Sohra. And when doing the rounds, do add Kudengrim to the list, a peaceful little hill-top village. Don’t miss out on Naritang, where the largest collection of monoliths believed to be the tallest in the world can be found. Pander to your culinary calls by exploring the cafe culture in Shillong, the perfect punctuation point between the activities.

The Meghalayan Age Festival will be held at Wenfield, The Festive Hills, Thadlaskein, Lad Mukhla, Jaintia Hills. Accommodation at various hotels, AirBnBs, home stays, and guest houses is available around these areas.

All images: The Meghalayan Age Festival