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Here’s your chance to travel with a purpose and make a difference that will impact thousands of lives. Airbnb has teamed with Bahamas National Trust to provide five lucky participants with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the Bahamas for two months.

This move comes in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, compelling Bahamas National Trust to curate three programmes in three different islands as a part of the Bahamas Sabbatical. Working towards preserving a sustainable future for this Caribbean gem, these programmes will help revitalise the economic benefits of tourism and fisheries.

The supremely rich ecological oasis of Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and 2,400 cays. Through the Bahamas Sabbatical, you can help build a sustainable future for locals by bringing back traditional practices rooted in agriculture, ethical fishing, and coral reef revitalisation. These industries face issues impacted by a changing ecosystem and population decline. It also plays a significant role in establishing autonomy and self-sufficiency for the country’s ‘family islands’, a moniker used by locals to describe hundreds of inter-connected islands, which belong to each other.

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‘’The Bahamas is open for business and while we work to restore parts of the archipelago devastated by Hurricane Dorian, a vast majority is ready for visitors,’’ said Eric Carey, executive director of the Bahamas National Trust. ‘’Partnering with Airbnb is an incredible opportunity to help further preserve our culture and resources and share our diverse country and the Bahamian way of life.’’

During April and May, participants will submit themselves to three beautiful islands, which were not impacted by the storm, to complete various projects in natural areas.

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Over weeks 1-3, participants will help restore coral reefs in Andros. Home to the world’s third largest reef system, Andros Barrier Reef is prone to severe changes in the face of climate change. At the North and South Marine Parks, they will be working closely with master scuba instructor and conservationist Katie Storr in constructing and installing new coral nurseries. Participants will also explore blue holes, harvest sponges, and more.

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Over weeks 4-6, there’s work to be done in support of ethical fishing in Exuma. At the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, country’s first-ever national park, one will work with freediver Andre Musgrove to curtail the population of the invasive red lionfish, and also engage in conch conservation, traditional boatbuilding, and sailing.

Over weeks 7-8, there’s a visit to the long, thin island of Eleuthera to promote traditional agriculture. Popular as the research centre for traditional bush medicine, participants will team up with master gardener Omar Mcklewhite to learn propagation techniques for the native trees and establish a bush tea farm. One will also be involved in researching native species, practicing traditional pineapple farming, and harvesting sea salt.

Airbnb Bahamas

If you think you have what it takes to give back to nature, then sign up for this life-altering experience here. Submit your applications by February 18, 2020. Bahamas Sabbatical with Airbnb runs from April 1 to May 31, 2020.

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