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Experience a festival filled with food, fun and grandeur at Atlantis the Palm

Dubai is synonymous with luxury. The city that spills gold and exudes grandeur has some of the finest and most exorbitant experiences one can have anywhere around the world. With the futuristic infrastructure, the squeaky-clean roads, and the frequent spotting of the Fendis and the Diors at every nook and corner, Dubai is where the world comes to taste adventure, fashion, and luxury in their most evolved forms. Amidst all this, stands the tall and mighty Atlantis the Palm. A plethora of experiences, from water sports to Michelin star restaurants, it’s the one-stop for a perfect vacation and you will still be left asking for more.

Travel with LSA to Atlantis the Palm:


Lifestyle Asia India took a trip to the theme resort, built on the ancient tales of the lost city of Atlantis and the spectacle begins from word go. Right from the first step you take in the extravagant property, you are transported to a time and space that one has never witnessed before. It’s almost impossible to cover the entire resort, with all it’s sections and wings in a day. But make sure you try, because at every few steps, a new experience unfolds, some that satiate the globetrotter, others, the taste buds.

Atlantis the Palm not only offers an excellent stay but has enough going on to keep you busy for at least a week, without ever repeating a dish or an activity on premises. It encompasses what is one of the largest waterparks in the world with over 100 different slides. You can also try out water sports or simply spend some time by the beautiful pool.

If you seek adventure like us, Atlantis the Palm is the perfect place for you. Shopping, water activities, interacting with dolphins, multi-cuisine restaurants, nail spas, massages, the works… this resort has it all. But don’t worry, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help you out. Here are 6 things you must try during your stay at Atlantis the Palm:


We can vouch that you have never tried something like this. A majestic underwater activity that takes you down into the Ambassador lagoon and walk around with the marine life. With supervision and while wearing special helmets, you are taken to the bottom of the tank, as sting rays, sharks and almost 65,000 other marine fish and animals swim around you. A truly exceptional activity, you must take out time for this one.


Meet with the Dolphins

The minute you step into Atlas Village, you are met with the friendliest pod of dolphins. Living in a community, supported, and taken care of by marine biologists, these dolphins instantly call out to you when you walk around the lagoon. You can step into the water, under supervision and play with them, learn their language and cuddle with these adorable creatures.

Bread Street by Gordan Ramsay

If you’re a sucker for good pizza, this is the place to be. Try out their bottomless pizza and you’ll stuff yourself with a variety of perfectly baked slices with scrumptious toppings. But that’s not all. This spot makes it to our recommended places, for Gordon Ramsay’s world-renowned Beef Wellington. It lives up to all the praise and hype as the meat melts in your mouth, wrapped with pate and crispy puffed pastry. A little joyride for your mouth that you just do not want to get off.


Aquaventure Waterpark

You might need a whole day or maybe two for this one. One of the most elaborate and massive watermarks in the world, Aquaventure has something for everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, hop onto one of the deadly drop slides and if you’re looking for a relaxing time, just basking in the sun with a cocktail, they’ve got you covered with the lazy river too. With over 105 slides, Aquaventure is one of the biggest attractions at Atlantis the Palm.


A one-Michelin star restaurant that offers more than just a well-curated menu of food and cocktails. The entire space is an immersive experience where you can enjoy your delicious meal and cocktail as sting rays and schools of fish swim by in the aquarium next to you. Luxurious, immaculate, and exquisite to look at, Ossiano is a must-try restaurant at Atlantis the Palm.


Saffron 2.0 Brunch

Take our suggestion and make sure you’re at the resort on a Sunday afternoon. The Saffron 2.0 brunch is another exceptional experience that will elevate your sojourn and give you a taste of world cuisine with an unmatched menu of cocktails and drinks. All this with live dance and music performances that you enjoy with some of the most scrumptious food from around the world. From paella to dumplings, oysters to honey-backed ham… the Saffron 2.0 brunch is an experience for all your senses.


All Images: Courtesy Atlantis The Palm. 

Experience a festival filled with food, fun and grandeur at Atlantis the Palm

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