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5 exotic resorts in Asia to plan your next wellness detox

Summer vacations are no longer just about sipping drinks by the pool. They are as much about the search for wellness and a holistic approach to health. A healthy body and mind is one of the biggest lifestyle trends in recent times, and that has seeped into travel as well. As a result, wellness holidays – medical, Ayurvedic, and fitness-based hotspots – are becoming de riguer. Asia is at the centre of this revolution with its eastern philosophies and a mindful approach to health. And if 2019 is all about finding your core literally and figuratively, all you need to do is head to these luxe wellness resorts that promise to give you world-class service alongside a carefully-planned approach to health.

The Farm, San Benito, Philippines

The Farm

This holistic medical wellness resort located in Lipa, Batangas, just 90-minutes south of Manila, is a multi-award winning hotspot popular for its medically-supervised health programs that tackle lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, stress, and depression. The Farm makes sure that each program is carefully created and executed according to the individual’s stress points with the help of internationally-trained integrative medical doctors, spa therapists, nutritionists, food experts, fitness coaches, and yoga teachers. The Farm also recently added an Aesthetic Center whose latest technology and state-of-the-art treatments address skin rejuvenation, acne management, wrinkle reduction, and dental aesthetics. Visitors can stay in one of the 33 exclusive suites and villas, and the grounds boast a 48-hectare jungle with stunning views.

Vana, India


If a lifestyle overhaul is what you are looking at, this is perhaps the best place to head to. Vana is essentially a luxury destination wellness resort whose programmes in Ayurveda and Chinese and Tibetan philosophies create special itineraries for those looking to solve specific lifestyle diseases and medical conditions. From Hatha yoga and acupuncture to reflexology and meditation, the resort offers everything under the sun. Plus, there are fitness talks, music concerts, creative workshops, and more to find peace of mind and stay engaged. The 82-room hilltop retreat (the nearest town is Dehradun) also has sustainability its heart (the food is created using produce from the organic kitchen and herb gardens). You can also indulge in the outdoor pool, the indoor water-therapy pool, a fully equipped gym and a spa.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

This resort is well-known for its underwater spa with spectacular views of the coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. While its spa is about detox massages and traditional Maldivian body therapies, the resort is also known for celebrity favourite Teresa Tarmey, spa specialist who is known for her divine facials. The luxurious Exuviance facial is a big draw, while scenic breakfasts, champagne dinners, yacht and boat trips around the atolls, and even a Private Sushi Chef with the Huvafen Sake experience are must-try experiences here.

Anantara Peace Haven, Sri Lanka


The fact that the resort offers breathtaking views of the sea while being a traditional Sri Lankan plantation house makes it a fine place to go for a much-needed mental detox. The 150-room resort is a haven in itself, with exclusive spa treatments and multi-layered pools. Stay in its apartment or pool villa, and make sure you head to the Handunugoda plantation, and try the Rolls-Royce of teas, the  Virgin White Tea. We also love the Spice Spoons tour where you can shop with the head chefs and bring back fish from the local markets.

Revīvō Wellness Resort, Bali

Revīvō Wellness

Located in Nusa Dua, Revīvō Wellness Resort is known popularly as a space that exudes healing energy. No wonder everyone is rushing there for their piece of the wellness pie. Armed with 16 suites that are decorated and styled in Balinese style and tradition, this resort offers treatments like the popular Sleep Well Programme that regulates your sleeping pattern and takes care of your health imbalances through therapy and lifestyle changes. One-on-one consultations with wellness coaches takes care of one’s physiological and mental health while regular nutritious food, holistic treatments, and fitness-centric-workouts give you variety.  Go for the meditative practices like Yoga or Qi Gong, both designed to improve body posture and movement.

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