The monsoons are finally upon us, and we know how bad we all need a vacation. Here are eight villas in India you need to bookmark.

Picture this: Rustling leaves, the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, you sitting in the verandah with a book in your hand while sipping hot tea – who wouldn’t want to live this life? Monsoons are the time to leave everything behind and slide into an adventure with nature. The scenery created by dark clouds, lush greenery, and overflowing water bodies is hard to resist. It gets even better when you have a place all of your own. From colonial-style buildings to cutting-edge architecture, we have compiled a list of stunning villas across India for your next monsoon trip.

Some of the most beautiful villas in India –

Marari Villas, Kerala

Marari Villas promise you a personalised stay by tailoring the experiences to your tastes and needs. Located near the well-kept Marari beach, Marari Villas offer guests a private pool, private beach access, and an option of choosing a local menu. Other than that, Marari offers complimentary bicycles, private yoga sessions, and an opportunity to pet an elephant! You can choose between Orchid, Hibiscus, and Frangipani villas, depending on the number of people. The Orchid is a traditional house with a thatched roof. The Hibiscus is a 100-year-old villa painstakingly restored to its original glory. And Frangipani is the largest boasting a spacious backyard with beautiful Frangipani trees. Factor in Kerala’s magical monsoons and rich natural beauty, Marai promises an unforgettable stay.

Price: From Rs 9,000 per night.

Cocoshambala, Goa

We cannot miss Goa if we are talking about monsoon vacations. Cocoshambala’s four villas in Goa offer the best homestay experience. With amenities such as the jungle style free form swimming pool, a chauffer-driven car, and an ayurvedic spa, Cocoshambala leaves no stone unturned in making you feel like royalty. Your culinary experience is taken care of by some of the finest chefs in the business. You can also opt for wine tasting or a culinary masterclass. Cocoshambala also has an array of fine drinks. All the villas boast spacious rooms with the Indo-Portuguese style of furniture. You can book all four villas that together can accommodate 20 people. Style, flair, luxury, comfort, peace, and tranquillity – Cocoshambala has it all!

Price: From Rs 35,000 per night.

Parsi Manor, Matheran

Parsi Manor takes you back to in time with its colonial architecture. The Parsi Manor is one of the best villas in India and is located in the quaint, traffic-free hill station of Matheran. The villa greets you with grand two-way stairs into its eclectic interiors. The poster beds, a large dining table and lazy arm-chairs in the verandah take you to the era of viceroys. There is an undeniable British and Parsi influence. The villa offers outstanding views of the Western Ghats. The weather is pleasant all year round — the villa has no air conditioning units installed. Parsi Manor allows up to 16 guests in its spacious premise. Areas nearby offer a chance for bird watching, adventure sports and a ride on the toy train. The Parsi Manor can accommodate up to 16 people.

Price: From Rs 24,000 per night.

Sky Villa, Nashik

Sky Villa is a modern piece of architecture located in the famous vineyards of Nashik. The cutting-edge villa features an all-glass façade. The 3040 sq ft property overlooks the Gangapur lake and is also equipped with an infinity pool. Secluded from the city, this elegant villa promises complete privacy for its guests. The large glass panels mean you get almost panoramic views of the vineyards and the scenery beyond them. The villa is equipped with all the modern facilities, and you have a private butler to take care of you. Situated in the middle of a vineyard, wine tasting is part of the experience. Perfect for a weekend date or as a family holiday, Sky Villa is an irresistible monsoon retreat.

Price: From Rs 32,000 per night.

Junoon in the Hills, Kumaon

Junoon in the Hills is nestled between Nainital and Ranikhet amidst scenic mountain beauty. Comfortably away from the towns and marketplaces, Junoon offers a relaxed stay in its villa. The smartly styled rooms please you with all the amenities you might require for your homestay. Kumaon region can get chilly, even in monsoons, so you get a fireplace and electric blankets to keep you warm. Each room of the villa affords a gorgeous view of the valleys and mountains. As cosy and comfortable as the room might look, the pleasure is in exploring the surroundings. On a good day, Junoon curates walks to nearby villages to give a taste of the local life. You can choose individual rooms as well as the whole property.

Price: From Rs 5,999 (one room) per night.

976 Panangad

Tucked in the backwaters of Kerala, the 976 is a nature lover’s paradise. From scores of coconut trees to the tranquil waters to the wonderful sunrises and sunsets, 976 offers the best experience in god’s own country. It is a villa that encourages you to relax and embrace the laid-back lifestyle of countryside Kerala. You can explore the backwaters on Kayaks or visit Fort Kochi, only a short drive away from 976. Food is a top-drawer local affair with a fascinating array of seafood cooked in traditional Kerala spices. For a truly peaceful experience in the tropics, 976 makes for a perfect stay.

Price: From Rs 12,500 (one room) per night.

Casa Colvale, Goa

Casa Colvale, on the banks of the Chapora river, looks like it’s straight out of a painting. It is located in the peaceful and historic village of Colvale. Being a little off-limits, Casa Colvale is a perfect place if you want to isolate yourself from the touristy destinations of Goa. You can pick from a five-bedroom or a seven-bedroom villa. All rooms are airconditioned and are adorned with rustic furniture. The villa affords spectacular views of the Chapora river and the forest nearby. If you are more of an adventure seeker, Casa Colavale gives you a host of activities like cycling, watersports, and fishing trips. You can also choose to stay in a houseboat or treat yourself to a massage.

Price: From Rs 47,000 per night.

Bungalow on the Beach, Tamil Nadu

The sprawling 17th-century property in the historic town of Tharangambadi is a time travel into the past. Restored to its original glory, Bungalow by the Sea was originally a Danish colonial house that later became the residence of a British collector. The house offers uninterrupted views of the sea. The Dansborg fort and Masilamani Nathar temple – two important historical sites are only a walking distance away from the bungalow. You can engage in bird watching on the banks of the nearby Uppanar river or go fishing in the sea with the local fishermen. The rooms are filled with antique furniture, which only adds to the rustic vibe. And there is also a large swimming pool to dip yourself in. Undoubtedly one of the best villas in India.

Price: From Rs 7000 (one room) per night.

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