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This Six Senses’ property in Iceland is breathtaking and is set to open in 2022

Iceland is an isolated country where its hotels and properties are tucked away in rugged natural beauty and otherworldly landscapes. Now, luxury hospitality brand Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas is adding to that list and announced its entry into the land of fire and ice with the Six Senses Ossura Valley.

Six Senses Ossura ValleyIceland’s travel story was one of the glacier tongues, craggy volcanoes, ice-filled lagoons and geothermal lakes; a place for those with a true wanderlust or a passion for all the extremities nature can rain down on you. Lately, however, Iceland is gaining mainstream popularity with a ream of chic, lodge-style hotels and upscale properties popping up across the country. Six Senses Ossura Valley, set to open in 2022, is one such destination.

“This development epitomises our commitment to finding locations where guests can be right in the heart of nature, and where they will come face-to-face with the raw beauty, power and soul of this magical destination. It will also appeal to experience-seekers looking for something uniquely joyful and playful. Legend holds that mystical elves still occupy the rocks and cliffs of this land. Each time we talk about the project we smile,” says Neil Jacobs Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas CEO.  

Set on 4,000 acres of privately owned land, this new project overlooks the farm Svínhólar near Loni. It will be the perfect abode for travellers looking to be close to a natural, uninhibited environment and to catch glimpses of the Aurora Borealis, but without missing out on the pleasures of fine dining, comfortable bedding and personalised wellness.  

Eystrahorn mountain on the east corner of Lón Lagoon.

In line with the brand’s philosophy and focus on sustainability, Six Senses will be passionately involved in monitoring and protecting the Icelandic population of swans on the black sand beach separating the Lon Lagoon and the North Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful natural habitat is the biggest gathering space for these gallant white birds in the country.  

The 70-guestroom resort and private cottages will be designed by architect John Brevard around the principles of sustainability — all the residences are built using renewable and locally sourced materials. The resort also promises to adhere to high standards of energy and water efficiency. This project is being developed by the Álfaland Hotel and gains from the creative inspiration provided by its partners; fashion entrepreneur Áslaug Magnúsdóttir and cultural entrepreneur Jakob Frímann Magnússon.  

“Joining forces with Six Senses represents a great alignment of visions: a passion for protecting Iceland’s natural habitat while affording guests the opportunity to connect with pristine nature. We’re excited to be creating a special place dedicated to wellness, self-development and sustainability in a breathtaking location. It is a first of its kind resort in Iceland,” says Magnúsdóttir.

In case you need further proof of Six Senses Ossura Valley being on point as a holiday destination with a fresh twist, the resort’s welcome lounge is set to be quite fascinating. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-stocked library, a cinema room, an Earth Lab showcasing the project’s sustainability efforts, and a water bar. And before you leave, do indulge in a Six Senses speciality — the comprehensive wellness programme at their spa.



(All pictures: Six Senses Ossura Valley)