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Sonakshi Sinha’s secret weekend getaway for relaxation is just 3 hours away from Mumbai

Life can get hectic at times, so a getaway is a perfect way to unwind. Sonakshi Sinha did just that and took off on a much-needed wellness vacation to Atmantan Wellness Centre.

Here is how Sonakshi and Sanam unwinded at Atmantam Wellness Centre

With all the hustling and bustling, everyone needs a break at times. Whatever your profession may be, it can get overbearing at times. Even robots and machines need their break-time, so it is natural for humans to need one, too. With celebrities, their lives may look glamourous in all the photos and videos we see, but they, too, have some days where they would like to relax. After all the festive fun in Diwali and other work commitments like film shoots, Sonakshi Sinha decided to take a break and went on a wellness vacation with Sanam Ratansi, her friend and stylist.

sonakshi at atmantan
Image: Courtesy Atmantan Wellness Centre

Sonakshi and Sanam spent a weekend caught up in the “R’s” — Rejuvenating, Relaxing and Recharging! In order to achieve her wellness objective, they had their retreat at the Atmantan Wellness Centre and engaged in a complete detox-led diet and therapeutic treatments. They also indulged in a premium gut cleansing therapy, an Atmantan signature. They got the appropriate treatments they would need as all the therapies are doctor-prescribed.

sonakshi at atmantan
Image: Courtesy Atmantan Wellness Centre

Atmantan, one of India’s most luxurious wellness centres, is easily accessible, considering its location. Located in Mulshi, it is a 3-hour drive from Mumbai. The setting of the massive centre is ideal as it overlooks Mulshi Lake, sitting atop a crystal hill. Atmantan, an amalgamation of the words Atma (Soul), Mana (Mind), and Tann (Body), true to its name, gives importance to all three holistically. Offering healing frequencies to all who visit this wellness centre, Atmantan efficiently helps guests attain the wellness goals that they expect to receive on their retreats.

Atmantan is always looking to create the best experiences for its customers and did precisely that for Sonakshi Sinha and her friend Sanam Ratansi. It was Sonakshi’s pleasure to visit the wellness centre, and the doctors and staff made sure they were well-cared for during their stay. She left the wellness centre on a happy note and plans on staying longer in the future.

Hero Image: Courtesy Sonakshi Sinha Instagram; Feature Image: Courtesy Atmantan Wellness Centre.

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