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Explore the undistracted side of Goa with these 18 hidden beaches

Needless to say, Goa is a wonderland for party animals and beach bums! You land in Goa and find yourself hiking directly to the glassy blue waters and swimming away from all the chaos! India’s smallest state and the country’s party capital does have lavishly known beaches but besides that, there are some unexplored and hidden beaches in Goa that you’ve possibly never come across. Keep scrolling for an offbeat read.

Quite justifiably, Goa represents itself as one gem of a destination in the Indian landmass that holds no other place comparable to it. The remarkable glamour of this place is connected to the flawless fusion of the Portuguese and Indian cultures, intricately gifted in a framework of exquisite nature. 

The absolute supremacy of this establishment begins with the recognition of the impeccable infrastructure and its effortless maintenance. However, the ultimate highlight of its charm unravels with the exploration of its beaches. To behold the best beaches in Goa, you ought to dig further than the obvious view of the hidden or the virgin beaches. The beaches mentioned in this article can possibly help you with altering your perspective of going places as well as your encounter with nature at its best.

The underrated thrill and beauty of serene experiences can only be felt when you’re holidaying at some of the lesser-known beaches in Goa. Given the massive volume of locations this place has, we have further categorised the beaches under North Goa and South Goa.

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Hidden beaches in North Goa and South Goa

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Bambolim Beach

Gorgeous, peaceful and clean, are synonymous with what this beach holds. Unlike a number of shacks or vendors on most of the beaches littered across Goa, you will not land a lot, on this shore. This beach is absolutely ideal for breathing a cosy time and adoring the beauty it has to offer.

Image Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels


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Siridao Beach

Identical to the name of Shiridon as well, this beach of North Goa is a shell collector’s retreat with a magnetic sight to behold. This charming beach is planted around 30 km from Panaji. Famously recognised as the “Shell Collector’s Beach”, here you’ll land the most uniquely detailed shells that include pear shells and oysters. Although this beach could be smoothly accessed by car, up to now it has relatively minimal tourist footprint which adds to the maintenance of its undamaged beauty. Some mysterious caves’ presence adds to this place’s mystical charm.

Image Credit: Surabhi Surendra/Shutterstock

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Sinquerim Beach

Take a dive further into North Goa, and another hidden beach awaits you as you land on the flawless Sinquerim beach. Along with the amusing water sports, the beach additionally greets you with its dramatic beauty of the Aguada Fort. The pure and tidy length of the open sea and its gleaming golden sand underlines the charisma of the place.

Image Credit: Ishvani Hans/Unsplash

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Ashwem Beach

Posted north of Panaji, which is the capital city of Goa, Ashwem beach is one of the treasured hidden beaches of North Goa. It is known to be a perfect joint for those longing for an escape from the chaotic footfall of the tourists yet surfing around for the best scenic pleasure of the sun’s rays. The beach stays exceptionally undisturbed despite its resorts and restaurants.

Image Credit: Raya Sharbain, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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Arambol Beach

One of the best beaches in North Goa, the beauty and tranquillity of this beach is what you shall remember. Arambol beach is this sandy and stonelike beach glorified with the sea on one end and jungles on the other. Considered to be one of the top-notch hidden beaches in Goa, Arambol owns the identity of exhibiting a Bohemian vibe altogether. 

Image Credit: Ridinghag, via Wikimedia Commons

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Bogmalo Beach

An ideal blend of luxury and comfort is what gives rise to Bogmalo Beach in Goa. One of the prized virgin beaches in south Goa, its sheer water echoes the depth of blue to the adjoining unreal villages. The amazing vibe and captivating glimpses along with its sheer cleanliness is something that will amaze you. This place will not only welcome you with some of the best Goan cuisines and tempting seafood but will also promisingly offer you a much-needed escape.

Image Credit: Balasubramanian Rajaram, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Hollant Beach

Let us intrigue you a little bit more by letting you know that this hidden beach in Goa is probably the only beach where you can treat yourself to a breathtaking sunrise. Coated with dazzling golden sand and rural boats, Hollant Beach is this magnetic place for a getaway if you’re searching for one of the best-hidden beaches in Goa. Especially during high tides, this beach seems to be even more peaceful to witness the sea surging and coming together with the adjoining freshwater stream.

Image Credit: Catalin Lazar/Shutterstock

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Betalbatim Beach

Another one of the virgin beaches of Goa, Betalbatim beach is an entirely bizarre glimpse among the Goa beaches. Unlike the other chain of beaches around, Betalbatim beach is beautifully wholesome and continues to exhibit its reign as absolutely flawless and unharmed. Two of the most engaging aspects of this beach are, here you can spot dolphins during day time and a shiny shimmery shore in the moonlight.

Image Credit: Tanya Dedyukhina CC BY 3.0  via Wikimedia Commons

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Velsao Beach

This little gem of a beach in south Goa showers you with its voluminous flora and fauna, delicate silver sand and all the privacy that you ask for. Its secretive abode has in fact contributed to keeping the water snowy and sterile as it is. Aided by the attendance of solely two shacks, this beach is undeniably a must-visit for leisure and revitalisation.

Image Credit: Tanya Dedyyukhina, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia commons

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Patnem Beach

Patnem beach is that tempting substitute for south goa’s Palolem beach. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be straight in the middle of all chaos yet you want that ample amount of fun, this is your place. There’s a chain of shacks and huts there and yet you have a lot of space around. This beach is also said to be a fun and safe hub for swimming. Did you also know that Patnem beach is officially the quietest beach in south goa? Well, now you do!

Image Credit: Vikram W/Shuterstock

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Betul Beach

An extremely quiet and secluded beach in north Goa, Betul beach is painted with a mammoth of casuarina and palm trees. Its red crabs and that small red hill on the opposite side give this virgin beach a touch of artistic texture. The mesmerising Betul fort on the flip-side bank of the river delivers bird’s eye views of the countryside, the coastline and even the sea itself.

Image Credit: Joegauk Goa, CC BY-SA 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

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Kakolem Beach

One of the most secluded and wild beaches in Goa, Kakolem beach gives an ideal feel of a balanced ambience of beauty and nature. Popularly known as Tiger beach as well, the drop-dead gorgeous views offer the tourists a warm and cosy time every time they end up exploring this beach. A strangely adorable position of the rock right on the beach gives the entire place a little waterfall view, as a cool stream pours down the slope to the shore before diving into the sea. 

Image Credit: Irina Vitenko/Shutterstock


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Cabo De Rama Beach

Cabo De Rama Beach, famously known as Cab De Ram among local citizens, is an appealing beach in the south of Goa. The plentiful green hue with blue is what the pristine water of this beach showcases. A layer of palm forest expanded alongside the beach, maintaining a safe distance from the waves offers a lovely environment for picnics.

Image Credit: Ishvani Hans/Unsplash

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Benaulim Beach

Interestingly, Benaulim beach exhibits two personalities that are contrary to each other but are worth experiencing both. During day time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it delivers a shelter of absolute hush and composure. Perfect to revitalise your spirits. However, in the evening, people gather here along with their lenses to capture the exhilarating sunset that it offers.

Image Credit: Ray Swi-hymn from Sijhih-Taipei, CC BY-SA 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons


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Cola Beach

Let’s get you acquainted with yet another pretty lesser-known hidden beach in Goa. Cola beach, also synonymous with Khola beach welcomes you with a satisfying atmosphere and is usually swimmable. Although in general, Goa does ignite breathtaking sunset views but here at Cola beach, its extraordinary landscape sums it up to steal the show. You could either gaze at the whirlpool of colours along the horizon or stay at a little mystical island that’s visible during high tide.

Image Credit: Viraj Rajankar/Unsplash

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Dharvalem Beach

Dharvalem beach is an enchanting spot which is planted at a distance of 33 miles from Margo. Its massive black rocks and unharmed footfall have kept its very own features safe and radiant to date. A mud road would help you to make your way to the beach and will eventually surprise you with all the water sports activities it hosts.

Image Credit: erik-karits/Freepik

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Agonda Beach

Grab your motorbikes, place a tent, camp for the night and let your ears to the symphony of the waves. That’s the impression of Agonda beach. Elongated, deserted and intimidated by a large hill, the whole warmth of this offbeat beach can undeniably liberate you from the monotony and the daily grind.

Image Credit: Wirestock/Freepik

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Butterfly Beach

Given some of the eye-catching hidden beaches in Goa, Butterfly beach chairs itself in existing as one of the most picturesque beaches adjacent to the whole Arabian Sea coastline. Believe us or not, it legitimately appears like a destination straight out of a fairy tale. The beach relishes a definite scale of aloneness, for, there is no way to land on the beach by road but could be only conquered through the water. 

Image Credit: Yashovardhan Borad/Unsplash

Hero Image Credit: Manoranjan/Unsplash; Feature Image Credit: Aditya Rathod/Unsplash

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