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The Trans Bhutan Trail is opening for treks after a 60-years break

It’s time to discover the charismatic depths of the kingdom of Bhutan as the ancient Trans Bhutan Trail is set to reopen after 60 years, to offer the trekkers an inclusive and adventurous experience with nature.

Adapting to the new normal seemed like a moonshot while the pandemic struck the world and everything came to a standstill. Speaking of which, the travel enthusiasts found themselves in discomfort, confined to four walls, but with things falling right back into place, several destinations are set to welcome the dedicated travellers back to their paradise. One such experience that is on many bucket-lists for decades is the ancient Trans Bhutan Trail, the one which dates to the 16th century and served as a pilgrimage route for Buddhists from the east travelling to the most sacred sites in the western region and Tibet. The trek has not happened for 60 years now but if you’re seeking your next adventure, you’re just in time to experience something extraordinary. 

Trans Bhutan Trail

The Trans Bhutan Trail is back with an alluring trekking experience

The 403km Trans Bhutan Trail is set to make a comeback after sixty years and offer an adventurous experience to globetrotters seeking new things to tick off their bucket-lists. Connecting nine districts, 28 local governments, and two national parks, this ancient trail will open to visitors from all over the world on September 28, 2022, allowing the visitors to relish the charm and get lured into a glamorous spell of the nature. The restoration of the Trail is intended both as a homage to Bhutan’s ancestors and as a gift to its present and future generations. Moreover, if viewed from a sustainable lens, the Trail contributes significantly to sustainable development, setting global standards for environmental preservation. It passes through spectacular scenery, ranging from mountain ridges to lush valleys, with breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks, and passes at least 400 historic and cultural sites on its way.

Bhutan Trail

Taking the trekking experience a notch above the Trans Bhutan Trail can be hiked or biked, and the true adventurers can complete the trail in just over a month. All in all, the Trail offers an inclusive experience for each one of you. From birdwatchers and botanists, photographers, rafters, and runners, to those seeking spiritual, wellness, or religious fulfillment. 

Feature and Hero image courtesy: Trans Bhutan Trail

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