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Actor Sameera Reddy on breaking stereotypes, parenting hacks and more

Known for being spontaneous and unfiltered, actress Sameera Reddy caught up with us in a candid conversation about breaking stereotypes and her journey with self-love.

Dominating our skincare shelves for 2 decades now, the one brand which is well-versed with all things wellness and beauty is the Indian-origin Kama Ayurveda completes 20 years since its inception. Known for using authentic Ayurvedic formulations and organically extracted elements, Kama Ayurveda was, is, and will always be your one-stop for all our skincare solutions. Furthermore, to celebrate this milestone Kama Ayurveda organised an exclusive interaction for all the beauty connoisseurs out there. Apart from the co-founder Vikram Sahni, the brand had one of its biggest supporters and cheerleaders, actress Sameera Reddy for an insightful chat with an in-house Ayurvedic expert. 

Popularly known as Messy mama by her Instagram fam, Reddy has been a flag bearer of self-love and body and mind positivity for a long time now. Just like you, even we were eager to know the products she swears by and the golden rules she follows. So we caught up with the actor in a candid conversation about the same.

Sameera Reddy

In conversation with actress Sameera Reddy aka MessyMama

Since you’re a flag bearer of self-love, so tell us is it something that one is born with? And how do you Practice it? 

Oh my god, no one’s born with it! Self-love is not only a practice that just happens once in a while. It happens many times a day. In this ever-changing world, I think where everybody’s struggling with just feeling good because there’s so much outside. interference of something telling you that’s not working or working for you or you’re not successful enough or bright enough or beautiful enough, or you’re not making that perfect reel or you’re not getting those follows and likes. It’s all madness, right? And it’s becoming crazier. And in all of that, every day I take moments of quiet where I step back to just give myself that moment to breathe and reassess and realign. Because if I don’t do that self-love, I’ll collapse.

And what are a few stereotypes that you would like to break?

First of all, I hate the fact that everybody thinks that women need to look a certain way and age a certain way, I hate that! The fact that women are supposed to stay at home and have kids, but also do everything multitask. Also, today bring in the money, own ourselves, be a boss, and then be called out for it. I don’t like that. I think that it needs to change. It’s not about equality, it’s not about making it equal. It’s just redefining a whole new space, which is yes, we can do everything and yes, we can be vulnerable, wiser have to be one or the other. 

Reddy Sameera

What are the few skincare products that you swear by?

So I love, uh, definitely the Kama, uh, hair color. And because, you know, I have grays, it works for me very well. Uh, one thing that I really, really love, and cuz I love makeup by the way, is the Kumkumadi clarifying and brightening oil, which is used for me. I mean, I use it as a makeup removal. Oh, okay. And not many people know that, but it just takes off makeup, especially mascara seamlessly. It’s stunning. I mean, I swear by that oil. In fact, like the amount I talk about it, it’s like I keep telling them like, more than, you know, being the face for their color, she be the face

One piece of wisdom that you would like to pass on to your children.

Um, One definitely this is to be, is to be true to themselves. Uh, I need them to be very connected with who they are and make decisions for themselves, not for others. I think today I have made a lot of decisions through the years, which have just bounced back and not been the best on my mental health, cuz I always was trying to please everybody. Uh, in a world where I’m trying to just be more mindful, I think being selfish is not a bad thing.

And what are some of your top five wardrobe picks? 

Definitely a pair of nude pumps, I think that I like one sling bag, which is not too big and not too small, like over the shoulder,  and I think that really works for me, which can hold my phone and anything I want, I have to have one of those at all times. A pair of well-fitted jeans. It could be in fashion or out, but that’s not the case. And I think that is a really nice white dress. It could be anything. I think people say little black dress. but I see a white dress.

Sameera reddy

One parenting hack that you would like to give to all the moms out there.

Uh, don’t be so hard on yourself because it’ll be ever-changing. So don’t guilt yourself. So what I do is that if I make mistakes, the hack is, I’m okay with it. I’m okay with making mistakes. And when you are okay with making mistakes, it’s fine. You move on from it and you become a better parent.

Hero Image: Courtesy Kamaayurveda/IG Featured Image: Courtesy Reddysameera/IG

Actor Sameera Reddy on breaking stereotypes, parenting hacks and more

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