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Natural diamond rings of Bollywood divas, to inspire your V-Day proposal!

Celebrity couples of Bollywood have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The
audience (including us) love to see the on-screen pairs become beautiful off-screen couples,
and we can never stop gushing about all of their amorous entanglements. In particular, we
absolutely cannot keep ourselves from obsessing about the alluring proposals, the dreamy
weddings and the oh-so beautiful natural diamond engagement rings that the belles of
Bollywood adorn.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to pop the big question to
your special someone. These 5 Bollywood divas rock some truly gorgeous natural diamond
rings for you to take some inspiration from, for your own dream proposal:

5 best natural diamond rings of these Bollywood divas, to take inspiration for your proposal this V-Day!

Alia Bhatt

Diamond Ring

The Brahmastra actors are one of the latest pairings in Bollywood to tie the knot and the
‘Ralia’ wedding was one of the most anticipated affairs in Page 3 history. Amidst the
ethereal photos of the wedding, one certain aspect was very noticeable…Alia’s humongous
engagement ring! The ring, custom-designed by French luxury house Van Cleef & amp; Arpels
featured a huge hexagonal-shaped solitaire diamond in the middle and a diamond-
encrusted band, with 8 diamonds – which is Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number. Ranbir certainly
spent a lot of thought behind the proposal and the ring itself, which has Ranbir and Alia’s
relationship philosophy, ‘Mrs. Hipster’ engraved on it; Alia explained that each letter means
something, and only her and Ranbir know what the letters actually stand for.

Priyanka Chopra Jones

Diamond Ring
Jewelry Magazine

Our very own desi girl, got cuffed to the man of her dreams some 5 years ago, and Mr. Jonas
has treated her like an absolute queen ever since. In true Bollywood fashion, Nick Jonas,
with the help of his brothers, shut down an entire Tiffany & Co. store in London, just to find
the perfect engagement ring for his queen. If that doesn’t scream Bollywood hero, we don’t
know what else might! After all his efforts, Nick proposed to Peecee with a swanky and
gorgeous 5-carat cushion-cut natural diamond ring, with two small real baguette diamonds
on the sides. When Priyanka saw the ring, she was so stunned that she stayed silent for a
whole of 45 seconds; a justified reaction!

Deepika Padukone

Diamond Ring
The Newsmen

The true power couple of Bollywood, fondly known as ‘DeepVeer’, got engaged way back in
2014 without anyone ever knowing about it! We still don’t know how they managed to keep
that under the wraps. When they finally got married in 2018, and their dreamy wedding
pictures were released, the audience got to see Deepika’s engagement ring for the very first time. A timeless and elegant emerald-cut natural diamond ring, was certainly an eye catcher
and stood out in the wedding photos, considering how massive and scintillating it was.

Shilpa Shetty

Diamond Rings
Miss Malini

The fitness queen’s proposal story is almost too funny! In a reality show, Shilpa had once
mentioned how Raj Kundra had proposed. He initially proposed to her with a 5-carat ring,
and after seeing how Shilpa reacted to that, he immediately told her that the actual
wedding ring would be bigger. Sticking true to his promise, he later presented her with an
exquisite 20-carat solitaire ring, to which Shilpa said that her wedding solitaire is truly one of
a kind, just like the wearer herself!


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Diamond Ring

Way back, when even the world of social media did not fully exist, we saw one of the most
interesting pairings in Bollywood history. Abhishek Bachchan proposed to Aishwarya Rai on
a hotel balcony in NYC after the premiere of their hit ‘Guru’, with a 53-carat solitaire ring.
Nothing but the best for the former Miss World! Aishwarya has been seen to sport two rings
– an emerald-cut solitaire which she wore right after the wedding and she has also been
spotted wearing a chunky round cut solitaire ring in public quite often. The two rings are a
testament to the endearing love the couple holds for each other.

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