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You might recognise Benny Dayal for having an ace track record at B-town studios and his multilingual vocal prowess, but wait till you take a deep dive into his sneaker closet.

Based in Mumbai and having spent a majority of the two decades dedicated to music, Benny Dayal has made his mark with popular songs in almost every language our country offers. But he has another accomplishment he keeps rather close to his chest and off this musical radar — he’s the proud owner of one of the country’s most diverse sneakers and his collection is noteworthy.

Going beyond iconic names like Air Jordan 1s or Sambas, the real prised possessions of his footwear fleet are actually the classics and the off-beats. Dayal’s sneaker spectrum expands to niche novelties like the Gucci Coda, retro versions of the Nike Cortez and more, each having a reason for being a part of his sneaker family. Like the Gucci trainer that reminds him of Michael Jackson’s flashy wardrobe from ‘Billie Jean’ and the old-school Cortez that make him feel like he’s watching a black and white film. There’s always an interesting element behind each one of them.

“Sneakers have always been a big part of my life, growing up in Abu Dhabi. Back in school, when I was a part of a dance crew, and it was a great means of expressing one’s personality,” Dayal explains about where his sneaker passion started. It’s a known fact that sneakers, music, and dance have intertwined cultures, each playing a role in the other. One of the many constants is that the more audacious the sneaker, the more flamboyant the artist wearing them looks. Dayal, being a performer, keeps up with this code too. “Even though having too many sneakers can be a space hazard, there’ll never be a finite number of sneakers you need or need to have to own to have a collection. As a performer, I think they’re almost part of me. And I’ll always be looking out for more.”

As Benny Dayal gives us a tour of his sneaker closet, he tells us about his journey as a collector and how he takes care of his grand sneaker collection.

All images: Courtesy MTV & Getty Images

Exclusive: Singer Benny Dayal goes sole to soul on his coveted sneaker collection

Mikhail Gomes

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