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2021 decor trends: Fresh ways to use florals in Indian weddings

The big question is, do we ever get over flowers at Indian weddings? The answer, as you assume is never. Floral decor at Indian weddings oscillates between OTT and ornate – give or take a few centrepieces and elaborate mandaps. In 2021, we put together a list of fresh ways in which couples and wedding decorators are using florals to create the right drama. These floral decor trends of 2021 are unique, stunning and one-of-a-kind, for sure!


Dried flowers meet fresh florals

Wedding Planner: @thecrimsoncircle; Photography:@reelsandframes; Decor: @deeprootsdecorandevents


Dry florals are perhaps the biggest trend of 2021 and from seating arrangements to centrepieces, they will make any wedding look surreal.

Floral canopy

Photography: @edgenzodegasperi

With intimate weddings comes intimate seating and this floral canopy adds a cozy look while making the evening look ethereal.

White and gold strand backdrop

Photography: @hitchedandclicked Decor: @tanviandco

It’s a simple idea – strands of dogra interspersed with gold goat to add that beautiful backdrop – it’s the ingenuity of the wedding designer who got this right to compliment the bride’s style.

Mixed baby breaths

Event Planner & Designer: @pejykashevents; @wedo_productions

Baby breaths are last year but colourful baby breaths are so futuristic – this canopy made of pastel shades is just perfect for a morning wedding.

Pink crates florals

Decor: @northernlights_home

Pinterest is peppered with these easy, stunning hacks. Evian crates are used with bright florals to create a modern, contemporary setting. We love how effortless and stunning this looks.

Multi-rose mandaps

Floral decor: @designhousedecor; Photography: @alainmartinezstudio

Multi-floral mandaps have been trending on Instagram and the OTT-ness of this look is just great for reposts and reels. The more florals you add, the more stunning the effect.

Simple marigolds

Wedding planning & decor: @withlovenilma

Marigolds for minimalism? That’s an idea. The decorator has used marigold intuitively to create an angelic, simple setting that’s very unique for Indian weddings.

Colour coded florals

Wedding planner: @theweddingdesigncompany; Photography @vindhyasingh; Florals by @kalikaar_design

We stan dried floral arrangements and this setting is interesting because of it’s diversity and it’s path to genius. We love the palm leaves in myriad colours that add the charm.

Cascading florals

Decor: @amaahyaaj; Production: @dreamzkrraftweddings; Planners: @eventtadka

Cascading florals on the ceiling is just such a great look for a wedding – it adds an otherworldly look to the setting and gives the wedding that much-needed charm.

Floral walls

Planner: @kseniaafanasyeva; Photography @romanivanov_photo Decor: @lidseventhouse

This look is not from a wedding, but from a shoot. The way in which the roses climb the walls to add that beautiful backdrop is just Insta-worthy.

All pictures via Instagram

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