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6 innovative and effective facials that every bride needs to book before wedding season

Weddings are exciting but exhausting. They come with an enormous to-do list, which can easily take a toll on your skin. From running wedding errands to last-minute fittings, the stress sneaks up on you. This season, ditch your neighbourhood salons and say hello to in-clinic facials for that coveted ‘bridal glow’. If your wedding date is out, then make an appointment to devise your beauty routine and book your slot because these are the best facials for brides that have our stamp of approval. Remember, consistency is key for long-lasting radiance.

LED PhotoFacial

Who + Where: Dr Jamuna Pai at SkinLab

Why: This intensive 90-minute facial starts off with a cleanse and a de-tanning mask which includes a mild bleach that looks after your thin facial hair. Then, your skin is toned and exfoliated with papain extract and fruit acid serum to tend to any dead skin and patchiness. Next, your face is treated to a short gush of steam and any blackheads or whiteheads are extracted, followed by the application of a hydrating gel. Then come a cold compress, Vitamin C serum and an OxyBlast to ensure you get all the brightening benefits. The last phase of the facial consists of a hydrating massage, a gold- and silver-infused sheet mask and an oxygenating serum to minimise the effects of everyday pollution on your skin. The treatment then ends with LED exposure for about 20 minutes using the light that works for your primary skin concerns.

Anti-Pollution Solution

Who + Where: Dr Rekha Sheth at Yuva Skin & Hair Clinic

Why: When you’re spending every day hustling from one place to another, checking things off your daily list of tasks, pollution can take a serious toll on your skin. Part of Dr. Sheth’s Festive Fast Facials menu, this treatment gives your skin a thorough cleanse and maintains its health. The clinic uses an anti-pollution double deep cleanse (with their soon to-be-launched moringa cleansing oil) along with a tailor-made peel. Your skin is then topped off with their healing Cica and Ceramide Serum and finished with an Anti-Pollution Serum and sunscreen. We suggest investing in this treatment at least once a month—after consulting your doctor—to ensure that your skin doesn’t start to clog with the increased exposure to environmental aggressors.

WishPro Plus+ Facial

Who + Where: Dr Harshna Bijlani at The AgeLess Clinic

Why: While you may not always be able to book yourself in for a 60-90-minute facial, it doesn’t mean that you’re expecting anything less from one that wraps up in 45. The WishPro Plus+ is the first customizable Super-Medi Facial in India. It customises your facial exactly as per your skin type and concern allowing 36 unique combinations of different skincare technologies as well as patented innovative serums to give you the precise results you’re looking for. It starts off with a deep exfoliation with magnetic pulse technology and a special exfoliating serum containing cellulose, sweet almond oil and Vitamins A and E. The therapists also include the Mini AgeLess Signature Facial™ as part of this routine which includes a clean-up, extraction, a relaxing massage and a Korean Skincare Rubber Mask hand-picked for your skin type and concern. Then, allow your therapist to help you to pick between the advanced micro-current, Red LED technology and Blue LED Skincare technology, and add a serum capsule that’s made to cater to your needs. Dr Bijlani suggests trying the micro-current technology which helps retrain facial muscles for a tighter contoured look, combined with the Whitening capsule. It has a unique serum with patented β-White® solution and Sea Shine®, created from natural marine resources, to help slow the production of melanin, fade the existing tan and remove dead skin cells for brighter lustrous skin.

K-Beauty Gold Facial

Who + Where: Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta at ISAAC Luxe

Why: With 24k carat gold foil, this Korean Gold Therapy focuses on anti-ageing as well as the elimination of excess oil secretion, melanin production and lymphatic drainage. Turns out, using gold on your face gives it a natural lift as well. After thorough cleansing and exfoliation, the therapists apply gold leaves and gently massage your skin and the treatment ends with a gold mask. Instant results include a visibly even skin tone, firmer skin and cheek lift as well as elimination of toxins.

Pearl Finish Laser Peel

Who + Where: Dr Abhijeet and Dr Gauri Desai at Skinsense

Why: This laser peel helps in removing superficial sun spots and unwanted tan and improves the patchy uneven tone. It also helps in minimising enlarged pores and makes the skin look and feel smoother, softer and healthier. When done at regular intervals, the treatment helps in reducing superficial fine lines and wrinkles. Skin renewal stimulated by the peel results in improving the function of the skin, so that products you apply everyday are better absorbed and utilised. Plus, there’s no pain during or after the procedure and no special preparation is needed. The only care post-procedure is regular sun protection and use of moisturiser in the morning and at night.


NY Facial 4D

Who + Where: Dr Kiran Sethi at Isyaderm

Why: This facial treatment is a 3-in-1 therapy that targets nearly every skin concern, for results that last months. Because it works on pores, pigmentation, uneven texture, fine lines and dullness, you’ll notice your makeup goes on much smoother after. The NY Facial 4D involves microdermabrasion to remove accumulated dead skin and de-tan the skin. Next, the therapists use the CL4D laser where different tips can target different concerns like enlarged pores, pigmentation and a lack of that iridescent glow. The last step is the red LED light therapy to boost collagen production and skin healing, followed by a hydrating face mask.The facial provides you with immediate results that continue to improve for 7-10 days after your treatment. There is no downtime and no risk—the only thing you should beware of is unprotected sun exposure.

6 innovative and effective facials that every bride needs to book before wedding season

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