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These Anita Dongre brides ditched the traditional reds for unorthodox hues

Think of weddings in India and the first image that resonates is of exquisite handloom saris and lehengas, in red paired with gold jewellery. However, thanks to ace couturiers such as Anita Dongre who have moved beyond the usual colour schemes and have infused the bridal palate with unconventional hues.

Think of a spectrum of hues in a number of tones; pinks from baby pinks to hot; yellows from canary to lemon, leave it to Anita Dongre for whipping up a perfect concoction of new-age bridal hues. Here is some inspiration from Anita Dongre’s brides who picked up colours other than red for their weddings.

Jewel tones/ Solid blues

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

We’d say reds and tones of it are a trend of the past. Anita Dongre single-handedly schooled brides on how to embrace new and experimental colours for their big day. We love the juxtaposition of different tones of blue along with the intricate embroidery on the lehenga.

Summer greens

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

If you are a summer bride, then green is your colour. Not only does it exude calm, breezy vibes, but the colour also forms a perfect base just in case you want to opt for old-school decadent gold embroidery lehengas. This signature Dongre number is a pure work of art. It’s safe to say Anita Dongre brides know-how experiment.

Regal whites

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Whites for Indian weddings? Why not. Anita Dongre’s commitment to art shows up in whatever she creates, and this white lehenga seems like an exquisite painting with hints of greens and blues; almost like tropical artwork. Also, we love how blues, gold and pinks are peaking in but not taking over.

Custard yellow

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Just in case whites seem to be a bit too experimental and you want to opt for a light base shade, custard yellow is a perfect colour. You can break the monotony by pairing a red or a hot pink dupatta with it and have a winning look.

Power of pink

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Pinks make for a perfect bridal colour. For those who are too intimidated to go beyond a certain colour scheme and want to be traditional, then pink is a great option. What we love about this look? The tasteful contrasts on the base that make the colours pop. 

Beige / Orange

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Colours are never a restriction when it comes to Anita Dongre. If oranges are too much for you to handle, settle with brighter tones of beige. We have seen her creating beautiful saris in similar tones, but this lehenga is purely gorgeous for a day wedding. We suggest opting for a light green blouse and a see-through dupatta in deep green.

Deep blues

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Tones of blue act as perfect substitutes for reds, deep blues, and almost borderline blacks are haute hues for the wedding. The decadent gold embroidery on the skirt and the heavy blouse makes this Anita Dongre bridal look a winning one.

Rani pinks

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Rani pinks for weddings are a no-brainer. For anyone who wants to make a statement in non-traditional reds, rain pinks paint a perfect streak of freshness. Also, they create a perfect colour base to stunning contrasting looks; think of light green, blue net dupattas, paired with red or gold blouses. Safe to say that Anita Dongre certainly knows her colours. 

Mustard yellows

Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre
Image: Courtesy Anita Dongre

Mustard with hints of gold is a perfect bridal colour scheme, which you can never go wrong with. Ensure that you use other bright colours to throw in a bit of contrast; case in point being this Anita Dongre ensemble with beautiful red border work, and the net veil adds character to the traditional look.

All Images: Courtesy Anita Dongre Instagram

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