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Want to propose to your girlfriend mid-air on a flight? Love the idea of a caravan adventure with your fiancé? Want to surprise the shopaholic spouse-to-be with a high-end retail therapy experience? Or, would you prank a loved one with the naughty sounding Infidel’s Fantasy experience? If all these and more catch your fancy, there is only one person to call – Naadia Mirza of Dottedi.

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Currently celebrating its tenth year, Dottedi is a boutique experiential gifting consultative brand that has curated over 5,000 experiences. With over 130 experiences, big and small ticket, available on their catalogue now, Mirza takes all that you wished you could do for your loved one and gets it done. Dottedi also helps bring an experience you have in mind to life, even if it’s not on their catalogues.

“We started with customised cakes because back then surprise experiences were centred around cakes. We built things from there and graduated to experiences,” says Mirza, 33. She also started small because she believed it was important to build trust amongst customers before expecting them to shell out. “I have strongly believed that it is how you do the experiences that matter the most. The idea has never been to be India’s biggest brand, but a boutique instead,” she adds.


Mirza was 16 when she first started planning surprises (since, no one planned her 16th birthday surprise). Her family were the top florists of Bengaluru back in the day and she often accompanied her father to wedding sites during set-up. Eventually, with some corporate experience behind her, Mirza realised that if she were to get into the unorganised creative industry, a formal stream of education would help. Upon completing an offbeat course in creative business at Manchester Business School, Mirza returned to the city to start Dottedi.

Starting from the simple Gol Gappa experience (someone comes to your doorstep with your favourite street side snack, and you have to earn your snack through a series of 15 fun tasks) and growing to coordinate the likes of billboard wedding proposals, Mirza has come a long way. In fact, it has also led to the creation of brand Naadia Mirza, which does destination weddings.

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Prices for the experiences start at Rs 5,500 and go up to Rs 2.5 lakhs. As part of the tenth year celebrations of Dottedi, Mirza has also created new experiences under the ‘Larger than Life’ and ‘OTT’ catalogues. As the names suggest, they are all about indulgence.

Here is a look at some of the experiences we like best at Dottedi:

The Shopaholic Experience: Imagine being let loose in a mall with a limitless credit card and personal stylist. That’s what you get with the Shopaholic’s Experience, which is nothing short of marathon shopping spree.

The Board Hoarding Surprise: How would you like to make your partner feel like a celebrity, while giving them the surprise of a lifetime? Drive casually around a corner and let your girlfriend/boyfriend find your proposal splashed on the hoarding for him/her (and everyone) to see.

Countdown to the Big Day: Give your fiancé 30 (or 60) days of pure joy with a new gift every day until your wedding. This is the perfect experience to score some brownie points with the new family by gifting them something as well.

The Caravan Experience: Imagine a decked up caravan arriving at your partner’s doorstep to take him / her to an unknown destination. The day-long experience takes one to the outskirts of the city to a beautiful location, where a couple can enjoy a meal in picturesque surroundings. You can further decide if you want to camp for the night there.

The Black Tie Experience: TLC for the gentleman you love. Pamper your man silly with fitting session, followed by a rejuvenating grooming ritual at the spa, and to top it all, a special dinner to end the night.

You can go through Dottedi’s catalogue of experiences at thedottedi.in

Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

Ruth is an independent journalist based in Bangalore. Always in pursuit of the next story that interests her, loves her food and drink, bookworm and a sucker for sunsets and airplane journeys.