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Traditional polki. Multiple gemstones. Chainlets. Unconventional florals. If you are on the hunt for an engagement ring, you’ll be spoilt for choice this year. Opting for a ring which is timeless and speaks to one’s personality is key. If it makes a statement, even better. So if you are confused about the kind of ring you want to buy, we’ve narrowed down the most beautiful 2020 engagement ring trends.

All kind of florals

Floral motifs are evergreen. From a simple arrangement of pearls around a diamond coming together to shape a bloom, to pieces made in platinum and rose gold, studded with diamonds, florals are the safest bet. Designs this year though deviate from the tried and tested. Literal iterations are big, and this piece by Bulgari is pure goals.

Multiple (midi) rings

Why wear one when you can wear many? The idea of multiple rings might raise eyebrows but we are all for this trend – it is different and stands out. You can also choose to pick up only 3-4 midi rings and have fun with them. Imagine a bunch of pearls set on a rose gold base or even diamonds creating an illusion of being peppered all over your fingers. Turn to Outhouse for inspiration.

Funky chainlets

Love everything sleek? You’ll like chainlets. Minimal, slick chainlets wrapped around the finger make a bold statement. Versatile, contemporary and edgy, these iterations of chains are available in gold plated brass and platinum among other metals.

Perfection of pearls

Image: Courtesy Moi
Image: Courtesy Moi
If bling is too much for your to handle, think of pearls. Be it coloured or in their pure form, pearls exude a sense of calm and are an insignia of taste. From stand alone massive pearls to a few tiny ones clubbed together, there are a lot of versions that you can choose from.


Nothing embodies love and commitment better than a diamond. However, embracing new, unconventional shapes is a part of 2020 engagement ring trends. A Bulgari serpenti ring; one studded with uncut and brilliant-cut diamonds; briolettes – new designs work.

 Colour mania

Rubies, emeralds, garnets, coloured diamonds, you can’t have enough this year. Colour gives you enough independance to invest in stones that align with your zodiacs, so take it as an opportunity to create a timeless piece that can be worn even after your big day. 

Three-stone rings

Image: Courtesy Tiffany
Image: Courtesy Tiffany

Thanks to Meghan Markle, we are now devoted to the timeless three-stone ring that is not only stunning but also symbolises a couple’s past, present, and future, all together. Whilst it’s becoming more fashionable than ever to flaunt a three-stone ring, the demand for cushion-cut designs flanked by two pears also shows it’s a perennial favourite imbued with a romantic symbolism for a couple. Opt for this breathtaking design, or go for a princess-, oval- or even round-brilliant-cut that blends in with your choice. Allow yourself to be as experimental as possible with different shapes, sizes, and colour.

Oval is a new obsession

Image: Courtesy Tiffany
Image: Courtesy Tiffany

Ever since we saw Hailey Bieber’s insanely-beautiful sparkler, we’ve been obsessing over oval rings. Thereby it’s not hard to see why brides will opt for single stone rings. Oval-cuts in single stone rings let your stone be the classic show-stopper, and they are just so elegant in their simplicity.

For ladies with shorter fingers, compared to a solitaire round ring, the oval-cut ring is a great way to elongate your fingers because it looks more intense. We love that if you have a double band, it looks timeless and has a more stylish cocktail ring-esque vibe to it. So, ladies, it may be time to pull a Hailey here.

Vintage rings

Image: Courtesy Moi
Image: Courtesy Moi

What we love about vintage, old-fashioned rings is that they are incredibly romantic.

An iconic revival of the old mine and rose-cut diamond has been making new waves, and certainly, there is no sign of slowing down. Especially the Art Deco design motifs are becoming a favourite amongst brides-to-be, with a contemporary approach that offers clean, bold lines, and geometric patterns that are truly one-of-a-kind. No matter what type of cut you prefer, ladies, this vintage stunner will add glamour to your hands.

Here’s a secret: Art Deco designs have halos that add extra carat weight to the diamond ring without actually breaking your wallet — so your rock looks bigger (and more expensive) than it actually is, just in case you want to boast a little in front of your bridesmaids. Not to mention, the illusion of a larger diamond also adds that endless sparkle and bling, turning it into a lavish one.

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