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Wedding decor in 2020 is all about simplicity and modernity coming together to a create space for new ideas. Gone are the ornate mandaps and heavy floral-embellished centrepieces, and in its place are beautiful decor ideas created out of recyclable material, plants, botanicals, and old-school paper decor and disco balls.

While sustainability is one part of it, retro ideas and vintage decor inspiration is another trend that is fast catching up. Wedding planners are going out of their way to add nostalgia and are using them to create a completely new wedding palette. Among many things, a turn towards modern party details got us to a new trend that’s making waves in the wedding market: the resurgence of disco balls with shiny new additions. We picked out the best ways to use this old-school trend to create a more sophisticated look for any wedding function

Add upside-down bouquets of flowers

Dried flowers that are used in upside-down bouquets are the newest trend to grace weddings. Why not up the ante with off-beat flowers that give it a more chic vibe?

Or fresh flowers in pastel hues to add a subtle touch

Image: Courtesy Carly Rae Weddings/Photography: MK Sadler

When you pair fresh flowers with disco balls, the playfulness is juxtaposed with a modern party look – what’s not to love.

Add a good bit of botanicals to the mix

Picture courtesy: Brides of Houston

Going green is easy with a look that’s easy to create – this DIY look is perfect if you are strapped for time and resources.

Palm leaves add a whimsical touch

Image: courtesy 100 Layer Cake/ Jessie Jean

Palm leaves are coming back in botanicals as a huge trend. The dried ones add so much character too, so make sure you use the trend well.

If you like it simple, just go with roses

Image: Courtesy Elizabeth annedesigns.com

A thrown-about look is easy to create with a bunch of disco balls and roses. A perfect wedding look, if you are looking for something chic and sophisticated.

Painting leaves with discos balls is good fun

Image: Courtesy Wild Heart Events / Instagram

This one’s birthdays meets weddings and it’s really easy to create. Painting leaves and adding paper decor only adds to the whimsical factor.

The 2020 trend? Disco balls in bright colours

You could also look for disco balls that are made of myriad colours – to adds more adventure to a wedding.

Or go completely metallic with just one giant ball

Image: courtesy A Beautiful Mess

A giant ball with just the right colours does add to the decor beautifully.

Let them add to the night lighting

Wedding planner & Designer: Mindy Weiss and House of Kirschner

Just a great canopy of leaves with disco balls gives a Reception or a sangeet a more refined look.

Make a fun photo booth out of them

Image: courtesy Lauren Miles Photography

Photo booths are doubly exciting when you add playful elements to them. Case in point: disco balls with candles.

Use them as centrepieces

Image: Courtesy The Glitter Guide

Here’s a simple DIY, just throw a few tiny disco balls on any table and we are set for a fun party.

Use them as a photo-op

Image: Courtesy Shop Bando

Creating a cute space where people can play around, this bath tub filled with disco balls is a great idea and a better conversation-starter.

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