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Redefining matchmaking for millennials

Matchmaking isn’t what it used to be – family setups and long checklists of the perfect eligible singles. For millennials that are tired of swiping left in search of that special someone, there is now a viable option, one that goes the old traditional route but with new expectations and requirements. It’s no longer parents and hopeful aunties and uncles; it’s the to-be bride and groom now at the helm, looking at what they want out of a life partner. But the big question on everyone’s mind is – Does love fit into this equation? “Absolutely! Love is the glue, and we wouldn’t recommend any other way,” says Anuradha Gupta, Founder and CEO of Vows For Eternity.

Vows For Eternity is a discreet, upmarket matchmaking firm headquartered in New York City, with an established presence in London, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Think of them as a highly personalised, private, boutique matrimonial service, crafted and customised for global citizens. Leading the enterprise is it’s smart and savvy founder, Anuradha Gupta.

With a major in Psychology, an MBA, and years of experience as a seasoned globe-trotting professional herself, Anuradha traverses multiple worlds with confidence and grace and embodies the best of Indian-American spirit in her strong work ethic and deep-rooted values. Her passion and dynamism are the bedrock of the firm and of every member of her team.

“People are at the heart of what we do,” says Anuradha. “It’s important to know where someone’s coming from and what they want from life – their dreams, fears, insecurities. There is no quick-fix to getting to know someone, so we don’t work with biodatas at all. It takes time for something meaningful to evolve, and a lot goes into the process. That’s why we lay a strong focus on getting to know our members and then connecting them with other like-minded people. Our members are not just a bunch of biodatas for us; these are individuals with a mind of their own and a heart that hopes to find the right partner. From being total strangers, the Vows For Eternity team becomes a confidante and sounding board for these very personal decisions. The challenge and reward, both lie in helping our members gain a different perspective when required and aligning expectations to reality. Honest, transparent discussions and integrity are key to what we do,” explains Anuradha.

The members of Vows For Eternity are well-educated, progressive, well-travelled global citizens in the 24-45 age group. Most of them are self-made individuals, successful professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industrialists who are ready to commit to a serious relationship. Marriage is no longer seen as a need for a familial obligation to these successful men and women; it’s a path to find their future partner, one who shares their life with them, and together, they build a relationship that lasts a lifetime. And it’s not just a space for those looking to be married, it’s also a place that helps one find love a second time.

“I believe love, friendship, companionship, and trust form the foundation of a good marriage. It’s very important for two people to get to know each other and be comfortable with one another before taking the next step. Two months, two years, or more, we are with our members every step of the way. We are in no hurry – after all, it’s a decision that completely creates a new space in their life. Marriage isn’t as easy as it sounds anymore. With millennials, it is complicated and our expertise lies in bringing together individuals and families with a good social, educational and financial fit,” adds Anuradha.

Vows For Eternity offers two levels of membership – Privilege and Premium and depending on what one chooses, it’s about finding love in a methodical, planned way. Personalised care, privacy, and professionalism of the highest standard are assured in both.

Vows for Eternity matchmaking app

“Confidentiality is non-negotiable! We believe that certain things in life are sacrosanct. Someone places their trust in us, and we uphold it,” says Anuradha. “The unwavering belief in what we are trying to do by keeping ‘people’ at the centre of it all drives me to run things the way I do. Marriages are made in heaven and we don’t arrange marriages, we arrange introductions,” she adds. And it’s just that simple – the best connections often grow into the best relationships and Vows For Eternity commits to just that.

“We are at a moment in time when there’s a mad race across the world to go online and stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. Nothing can substitute a personal connection, more so in the matters of the heart. Here, everything is offline because that’s where real life plays out,” says Anuradha.

For more information on Vows for Eternity:

Ph: +91 99678 61267; Office: +91 11 3044 6450

E-mail: contactus@vowsforeternity.com 

Visit: www.vowsforeternity.com

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