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Shaadi Squad tells us why social media is important for wedding planning in 2019

From hashtags to boomerangs to drone shots, social media is now driving weddings in a big way. Helping in creating virtual memories by expressing real sentiments, it is the age of Instagram stories and Facebook videos. We asked India’s premiere wedding planners, Shaadi Squad to give us insights on how to manage social media for modern Indian weddings.

Mumbai-based Shaadi Squad is the new-age boutique wedding planning company known for covering celebrity weddings such as Anushka & Virat and Priyanka & Nick. The three founders Tina Tharwani, Manoj Mittra, and Saurabh Malhotra started their careers in film production, finally moving to set design for Bollywood movies to designing dream-like weddings all over the country. Here’s why they believe social media is important for any wedding in 2019. 


Tell us a bit about how social media fits into Indian weddings these days?

Endless rituals, elaborate ceremonies, hundreds or even thousands of guests; Indian weddings are world-renowned for their extravagance, grandeur, and larger-than-life celebrations. Although with time, the basic structure of weddings in India has undergone a paradigm shift. But today, the soon-to-be-weds are ready to share their wedding day not just with their close ones but also with the rest of the world. That’s where social media comes in.


And, how do they do that? 

From the sneak peeks of the bride getting ready to the groom making the entrance, every single aspect of a wedding is captured through the lens. The idea is to preserve a virtual memory of one of the biggest days of one’s life. Along with this, keeping a digital record of one’s wedding also serves the purpose of letting friends, families, and acquaintances who could not make it to the wedding be a part of the celebrations, albeit virtually. 


How do you stay on top of social media trends these days?

In today’s increasingly digital era, couples have an ardent desire to share this significant milestone in their relationship with others. This could happen in the form of Instagram Live or Facebook posts, which are oft-curated in a very sentimental manner. Moreover, this trend has caught on with every Indian, from the affluent sections to the middle-class. Couples are getting their friends and family to livestream the happenings, as the elders sit together exchanging fun stories from the couple’s childhoods. 


How do photographers and videographers fit into creating the perfect social media post?

Today, wedding photographers and videographers are now hand-picked after much contemplation. Earlier everyone’s wedding albums looked exactly the same, framed with clichéd poses and boring shots. Those pictures failed to capture the nitty-gritty; quirkiness of traditions, intimate bride-groom moments, candid fun, and whatnot. Innovative hashtags, heartwarming captions, and a new perception towards photography and videography – we have witnessed a tectonic shift in the way weddings are digitally documented. 


What’s really popular when it comes to social media?

Modern-day couples want to document it all and share the same proudly on their social media handles. This is perhaps why covering a wedding has evolved so much; it comprises teasers, trailers, and finally the wedding film. And of course, the beautiful pre-wedding photo shoots at exotic locations and mutually agreed hashtags that help discover event posts on social media.


How has social media created new avenues in wedding conversations?

Social media dialogues and conversations have led to a greater awareness of and empathy for the environment, and the consequent adoption of elements like digital invites, eco-friendly decorations, and sustainable menu options. New media has also influenced innovative and experiential concepts including minimal yet surreal décor, Instagram-worthy fusion cuisines, and virtual presence of the entire wedding by way of trailers, films, and documentaries, among others. 

All images courtesy: Shaadi Squad Instagram 

Shaadi Squad tells us why social media is important for wedding planning in 2019

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