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5 cool edible invitation card favours for modern Indian weddings in 2019

It’s all about Pinterest-y looks and Instagram-able packaging and this aesthetic has quietly seeped into wedding favours too. From flavoured sugars to quirky candy, your invitation card needs a little whimsy to make your loved ones swoon with delight. Gone are the days when mithais ruled the roost, nowadays it’s Bavarian chocolate barfis, Beetroot cookies and Mosambi-included chocolates.  To cut down your research, we put together a straight list of edible invitation card favours that will make your wedding card look like a million bucks. 

Indian sweets with a twist: Arq Mithai and Nihira 


Mithai got a makeover these days with labels using ethically sourced produce, natural flavourings, and recyclable boxes. Making sure mithais go gourmet, Arq mithai, the country’s newest store puts out some great delectables like the Besan Truffle (besan ladoo with dark Belgian chocolate truffle filling), Caramel Pedha (Mathura ka peda with a dulce de leche centre), and Malterine Marmalade (tangy malta and tangerine with gurmandi almond paste) amongst others.While Nihira, another new store has come up with Motichoor laddoos in flavours such as wine, champagne, and lavender – everything exotic, everything handcrafted. 

Chocolates with homegrown ingredients: All Things Chocolate and Naviluna

all things

Bean to Bar, as they call it – these chocolate labels are redefining what it means to fuse cocoa with ingredients like amla, jamun and chillies. Naviluna, previously known as The Earth Loaf is a label from Mysore keeps working with small batches of handcrafted goodness. Chocolate is hand screened, hand tempered and hand rolled – all ingredients are sustainably sourced and organically certified and the flavours are interesting: Mango, Red Capsicum and Chilli chocolate alongside ones like Caramelised Mosambi and Caraway.  On the other hand, a bespoke favourite at weddings, All Things chocolate is an artisanal chocolate store that creates divine chocolate with fresh locally sourced ingredients and nuts and we’re impressed by the Malabar Dark Chocolate with Zeresk Berries and Tamarind Toffee and the Belgian Milk Chocolate with Bebinca and Drum Roasted Cashewnuts. Additionally, you can pick flavours that suit you and get a bespoke chocolate bar that is uniquely for your couple pairing. 

Premium candy: Papabubble 

papa bubble

Customised candy is every millennial couple dream – which is now fulfilled by India’s premium candymaker, Papabubble. Proving once again that one can never be too old for candy, this 300-year-old craft is all about adding your special message, your initials and even your favourite emoji into candy so you can throw in a few in your invitation card box.  The pretty-looking candy is rolled, pulled, painted and sculpted into any shape, colour and flavour you can dream of – that’s the key. And not just candy, you can also try and make lollipops or any other custom shapes that fits you to create a unique favour of your own. 

Cookie connect: Mo’s Bakery

mo's bakery

This home-style bakery in Delhi is known for its unique undertakings and special, natural ingredients and that means only thing – creative cookies just perfect for your couple pairing.  From natural rock salt from the Himalayas to fresh lemons and rosemary from their own garden, this bakery makes sure it’s all about flavour and homegrown ideas – and we’re in love with their bite-sized cookies in varied flavours that come in cute glass jars that are both recyclable and reusable. We’re especially thrilled to know that their options come in flavours like Red Velvet cookies, Raspberry jam cookies, Wheat flour and jaggery additions and more. There’s beetroot and lemon options too for those looking for something unique. Shipping is possible all over India. 

Flavoured sugars and salts: House of Artisans and Artisan Palate 

flavoured sugar

This favour scores among others for the simple fact that it is both easily stored and is one of the most unique ideas around. India is slowly but surely waking up to flavoured sugars and salts to be used in cooking gourmet foods and as a favour, it’s just so effortless and fun. Pick up Lemon Lime Chilli Garlic salts from Artisan Palate for that much-needed punch or go sweet with Espresso and Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar from the House of Artisans. It’s all about picking the right flavour that truly defines you.


5 cool edible invitation card favours for modern Indian weddings in 2019

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